Fortuna is now live on PC | Obligatory Corpus PSA

Fortuna is now live on PC | Obligatory Corpus PSA

[ad_1] Alternative title: a daily reminder that the Tenno are terrible people and everything is their fault. Have a good time with Fortuna everyone and don’t grind yourself down on the first day. I am told there should enough grind to last at least three or four days so don’t sweat it.

♩♫ «Intro Sequence» (Alexander Brandon, Deus Ex OST)

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  1. "Like five years ago Alad V was cutting you to pieces and building like shitty pokemon out of them"


  2. i am a simple man, i hear deus ex music i click the like button

  3. Gotem

  4. Funny thing is I am already trying to help the Corpus out. No really I'm not kidding. I don't do Corpus alerts most of the time and I nearly always side with them in invasions.

    Last time I checked I had 70000 Corpus killed to 300000 Grineer and 390000 infested kills. I wish the Corpus kills could be lower though. And yes i know they are just a fictional faction in a video game, that doesn't really exist… But I just can't help but feel bad when I kill them. They did nothing wrong.. (Well compared to the Grineer and infested anyway. And no I do not count nef anyo in that batch. He has done some very wrong things.)

  5. Unfortunate…
    OMG totally nailed it xD

  6. I get it now. They have slope helmets cuz theyre russians. Just like back in the 40s they be lovin their sloped armored tanks.

  7. Woo nidus woo can't wait for fortuna to come out on console so i can spread the love on more corpus

  8. Did I just see the Chad Corpus Crewman helmet vs the Virgin Fortuna Crewman helmet?

  9. What? Nooo! I don't know anything about that disaster on V prime… (damn he knows something)

  10. what is it with jews always screaming genocide

  11. The only good Corpus is a dead Corpus, change my mind.

  12. All that for a pun?

  13. I wonder what are your relations with Valkyr

  14. Unsubscribing

  15. giving u a dislike for that last joke……

  16. Old men. Warning. Warning.

  17. XD

  18. I'll stop pogromming Corpus the day they outlaw Nullifyer Bubbles

  19. What happens on venus…stays at venus!

  20. Too bad I went on a break since 3 months ago and not coming back any time soon…

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