Fortuna Rodeo 2009: ATV Barrel Racing

Fortuna Rodeo 2009: ATV Barrel Racing

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  1. do you know where this is in the usa

  2. My banshee would rape these slow pos

  3. How far apart are the barrels and how close is the start/finish line to the barrels?

  4. 1.38. got a flat tire on the last turn lol

  5. Why did most people flip sideways on the turns??

  6. my yfz sounds like the yfz @2:05 love that echo

  7. Omg can none of these people ride holy fuck

  8. LOL 5:08! I did not see that coming, I was laughing so hard!!

  9. i have never done this going to be doing my first one this weekend but i must say u all make it look really dumb half of u are bad at riding and the other half need to go back to ur yard and stay there

  10. TRX250Rs did some awesome runs. lol 2:35

  11. Jose! Clearly the crowd favorite!

  12. lol

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