Fortuna Starter Guide — Bonds, K-Drives, Fishing, Mining

Fortuna Starter Guide — Bonds, K-Drives, Fishing, Mining

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  1. Farming play is harder….than most people think.

  2. Didn't know why the garuda drop parts is so easy to farm…. than realize after checking the costs

  3. Why dont the solaris people have heads. The vent kids have heads tho.

  4. You make so good quality content!! Keep it up!!!

  5. They should have called him The Shit. Imagine going there for the first time and walking up to a robot and he says "I am The Shit."

  6. I need to know how to equip mods to k-drive, and or decal/color it I have no menu options. And yes I bought the special of the day board.

  7. I think we should be able to shoot secondaries while in k drive

  8. Wait I just realize… Did you time your intro with Garuda's movements?

  9. How did you call the archwing and k-drive without opening the gear menu?

  10. holy platinum Batman

  11. Aaaaaaaaalllllllllllright.

  12. When will it come out on console?

  13. But can you use K-drive in Plains of Eidolon?

  14. 1:39 — Like every cat… EVER. 😀 Great overview!

  15. 3 allrights in 1 video? You madman.

  16. great video thanks alot ! x3

  17. It would be cool if you could use at least your side arm during k-drive grinding. Much like archwing launcher gives you access to your primary. Right now k-drive is fun but useless.

  18. There is an easier vent kids rep farm you can do over any body of water. Essentially you spam space and press A and D to get another trick multiplier. If you get consistent at it you can do that faster than the pipe.

  19. If the scan on your mining drill worked while on Kdrive they would be much more useful, even if it was only the mini map scan.

  20. Your my favorite Youtuber that covers Warframe.. but honestly after the last sleazy nerf that DE did, this game can F-OFF. Since when did DE go to bed with Bungie?
    Deleting game and unsubscribing to everyone from warframe.

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