[ad_1] Here are all the Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Treasure Chests! This will also help you solve all the Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles to unlock the Lamborghini Aventador J, Saleen S5S Raptor and Koenigsegg CC8S! If you enjoyed this video subscribe for more Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay, Customization, Let’s Play and more!

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Title: Dimensions by Hellberg
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44 комментария

  1. I've seen a lot of people having trouble with the Chests and Riddles in Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island so Jack helped put together this guide for you guys! Hope you enjoy and it helps you out on those tough ones! Enjoy!

  2. FORZA not FORTZA you complete retard

  3. Thank you so much I have been wondering how to get the saleen and the lambo

  4. Do you have to get 3 stars on the 4th one

  5. I’ve done the first riddle and treasure chest but then the second one won’t pop up. Anyone know?

  6. Took me three days to complete including the kraken and laviathen


  8. how do you unlock the trail blazer zone?

  9. mine is glitched. i did #1 just fine, but once i unlocked #2, i tried the needle climb with the 458 and it wont solve it. i cant get it to work??!!

  10. Does anyone else not get the riddle completed for part 2 when you drift through

  11. For some reason I can’t see the rings or the chest does anyone know why

  12. I'm getting this expansion

  13. If you’re stuck on the second treasure chest the have to drift and get a minimum of 100,000 points. I myself suck at drifting but I did it. Just go slow around the corners and don’t go off the trail!!!

  14. I'm stuck on #2, help.

  15. How much influence do I need to unlock treasure 2?
    Been stuck in this problem for 1 day

  16. Thanks you were very helpful

  17. Thanks For The Help On Treasure 7! 🙂

  18. do i buy the ferierri 458?

  19. you can use the Hoonigan Mustang on number 3

  20. I can't get the first one done

  21. You do have to have a certain score on the Needle Climb drift.

  22. the italian drift is not working im using the 458 tialian ferrari but still its not working

  23. On the third one

  24. forTza

  25. 00:15 and lamborghini urus 2019

  26. You can also use the hoonicorn. I used it first try and got it.

  27. On the second riddle I did it but it does say anything

  28. There is no Jeep willys

  29. Pew im happy ive bought this Kia for fun

  30. How do you get a willies jeep

  31. Why isnt the chest there for me at the last one

  32. In treausure 3 i used hoonigan Ford mustang 1965

  33. For treasure 2 do u have to set a certain score

  34. How do I unlock treasure 2

  35. Am I the only one that has treasure # 3 locked even after completing #2?

  36. I done number 2 in the 458 speciale and uts not working for me.

  37. I finished riddle #1 but when I try to do no2 it is locked. Plz help

  38. Probably the best DLC for any game ive ever played (First forza ever)

  39. For the 458 Riddle you have to get 2(120k points) stars or better on the drift zone.

  40. Both Audi R8s will work I used the older model R8 for mine

  41. Aside the Willys for unfair crypitc. But for me, the most BS is the 9th riddle where i drive the Stinger for 3 stars.

    How anyone do that? It's impossible!

    Update: Oh wait, I finally did it.

  42. Hey bro, could you please upload your visual tuning for the (2015 Audi Rs6 Advant) ?
    I am a big fan of Jon Olsson, but I find it dificult to build his tune

  43. why can't i get the second chest

  44. Thank you bro

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