Forza Horizon 4 : FORTUNE ISLAND!! (Car List, Treasure Hunting, Drift Road)

Forza Horizon 4 : FORTUNE ISLAND!! (Car List, Treasure Hunting, Drift Road)

[ad_1] This is Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island! We’re checking out all of the Fortune Island Cars, FH4 Treasure Hunting and the Best Drift Road in Forza Horizon 4! If you enjoyed this video subscribe for more Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay, Customization, Let’s Play and more!

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26 комментариев

  1. FORTUNE ISLAND COMES OUT NEXT WEEK!!! Who else can't wait to drift that crazy road!!!

  2. The Aventador J was a DLC in FH1 ya goofball.

  3. Does anybody know the location of every landmark? I cannot find the last one:(

  4. All about the GRIP!

  5. As of right now 12/13/18 the 2019 uris, 2012 aventador j, saleen s5s raptor, and the Koenigsegg CC8S are the treasure hunt exclusives. We don’t have the Ford Shelby raptor, or the grand wagoneer aren’t in the game yet. The rest you can just get from the auto show, and you get the ram runner instantly as soon as you load into fortune Island the first time. Just thought I’d put that out there for you guys and girls to know!

  6. Forchoon island

  7. forchewn island in fortza

  8. Will we ever get The Cool Lotus Exige S in this game? I do not like the new one

  9. Bought the dlc how the hell do I get to fortune Island??????

  10. Ok sooooo…..its the 13th. Why the fur isn't fortune island available yet???!!!

  11. It's about to drop

  12. Say Forza Horizon 4: Fortune Island 1 more time.

  13. Can't buy the expansion by itself

  14. OMG I thought it was fortnite island stupid me

  15. There are some pretty cool cars.

  16. The car screams
    Me driving it: what is that noise
    The car: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. 5:45 I’m pretty sure that’s dirt rally

  18. Is this gonna release at midnight

  19. I just need the Lamborghini

  20. Fortza

  21. 3:26 i dont get that one?

  22. YESS!!! YESSSSS!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE (idk) FM4 (from what ik) WE WILL HAVE AN OLD KOENIGSEGG!!!!!!! OLD FORZA CARS ARE COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Will the 10 officially revealed cars be free with the pack or are they still going to need to be bought?

  24. is noone gonna comment that this entire footage is from one of the first fh4 challenges

  25. They need to bring back the 2000 Honda Civic si, Honda Civic eg Hatch, Toyota Supra, 05 Mustang GT, Corolla AE86, and if there’s more let me know oh can’t forget the Dodge Ram srt10, 07 Dodge Charger srt8,

  26. 4za horizon 4 4tune island LUL

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