Fractal Dreamers — Fortuna Redux | EPIC ACTION DNB

Fractal Dreamers — Fortuna Redux | EPIC ACTION DNB

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20 комментариев

  1. ^^ one of the best platforms ever it holds as solid as the classic castlevanis and metriod games ^^

  2. Fight more than one person in for honor to this. It feels like the fight of your life!

  3. holy shit…..that music is freaking amazing…..can i please use it in my videos ???..please please please ???

  4. Doing hw when your teacher is collecting

  5. My boy Helblinde's about to blow the fuck up

  6. Definitely feels like Ready Player One towards the end, but still gets me hyped all the way through! Great song Fractal Dreamers!

  7. damn my body is moving by itself

  8. HELBLINDE (and his mates ^^ )HERE 😀 NICE !!!!

  9. Half of Fractal Dreamers is Helbinde, who has posted this track (and his other works) on his own channel here.

  10. Need more like this. The trance feel and steady change in beats. Omg yes. I would love to find a whole playlist of just this style. Brings back memories of why I went to the “shit-hole in the wall” clubs.

  11. Intro sounds like Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin.

  12. DEADCELLS!!!! Fave game ever

  13. Awesome

  14. Yes!

  15. Perfect

  16. Огнедышащее тело идёт захватить небесный город!? Чё за две стрелы в спине? Принятие допинга!? Видать, кто то успел стрельнуть! Надо было в глаз стрелять!!! Прикольно! Мне понравилась музыка!

  17. What does DNB stand for?

  18. Audaces fortuna iuvat
    Fortune favors the bold.

  19. Awesome

  20. Amazing <3

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