Future — You Da Baddest (Official Music Video) ft. Nicki Minaj

Future — You Da Baddest (Official Music Video) ft. Nicki Minaj

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  1. Is she hating tell her to let it go and get some chicken instead

  2. I Lied. Shes A Grown Woman She Did Whatever She Wants. NOW!.!

  3. She Came To Safe Space When She Didnt Feel Safe Anymore. Diamond Let Them See You Shine Bright. I Got My Mic Stuff.

  4. 2018?

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  6. Notice me and do my name.

  7. This shit is lit everytime I hear it it's like new to me

  8. I love her shoes with the glittery outfit

  9. I’m converting to the Nicki Minaj team BYE CARDI!

  10. hyi vitun vittu

  11. 2017 was really an underrated year for Nicki. Most if not all of verse was fire.

  12. UNDERRATED IN 2018

  13. Good form music video out …

  14. It was a great song

  15. This song is just lit it never seems to bore me

  16. I hate that Nicki Minaj

  17. Yall should see what she looked like before she was famous looked like a crack head lol

  18. 100% nicki sexy

  19. Take your bigg uup Nicki

  20. If your reading this I hope you get everything you want in life

  21. seriously one of the best music videos ive ever seen. im in shock. this is my first time seeing this

  22. Im not gay

  23. She the baddest

  24. validehh

  25. November anyone 2018

  26. Wow

  27. Nice

  28. It’s almost the queenz birthday December 8th!!!

  29. I'm gonna take a break after these messages no commitment word

  30. Legs

  31. The 8

  32. still one of her best looks

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