Game of Thrones Slot — $10 Max Bet — BIG WIN SESSION!

Game of Thrones Slot — $10 Max Bet — BIG WIN SESSION!

[ad_1] The Game of Thrones slot machine uses Aristocrat’s huge «Arc Double Cabinet» and can’t be missed on the gaming floor!

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And it also makes appropriate use of its large size screen by offering essentially three games at once at the Max Bet level. Besides the additional two games, by playing max you also receive a better chance at the Grand Jackpot and improved bonus games. I’ll be blunt: while I love the television series my first impression of the game wasn’t that positive although I’ve since given it a second chance and can now see its appeal. Game of Thrones has so many different features and bonuses it’s almost like a video game, and maybe that was the goal. In this Game of Thrones slot video, I showcase some Live Play Big Wins with the «Baratheon Wild» and the «Mother of Dragons» bonuses. The base games utilize Aristocrat’s «Reel Power» concept which just means in order to win, you need matching symbols in any position on at least three reels from left to right. The bonus is triggered by landing bonus symbols in reels 2, 3, and 4 which awards you a spin of the wheel to determine which bonus you receive, of which there are many.

The «Mother of Dragons» bonus is essentially a «Pick» bonus with three rounds. You first determine your number of picks per round by choosing an egg: the less picks you have, the greater your base multiplier and the chance for even higher multipliers! Each coin you choose can contain either a credit award or a dragon. If you choose a dragon, you are awarded an extra pick and your multiplier increases based on your initial egg choice. The red egg is the most valuable and if you choose wisely, you can receive up to a 50x multiplier! I believe the multipliers remain the same between rounds, and once a dragon is picked, it does not «reset» between rounds, so the best you can do is first pick the three dragons, and then pick the highest credit award coins: no easy task, Enjoy!

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  1. only $260 on a $10 bet? thats terrible.

  2. I've never had any luck on this machine, I don't even play it anymore.

  3. great session!

  4. Played this tonight at Casino Queen in Beautiful East St. Louis. Casino Queen claims to have the loosest slots in the US. I still lost but had a great time on the GOT slots.

    The best thing about the game is the physical experience of the giant leather chair with amazing 3D sound and a kicker bass in the seat. I actually thought everyone in the casino could hear Peter Dinklage talking to me. The 3D sound is that effective. Flying fire breathing dragons attract a lot of bystanders

  5. this bonus seems to be the most common. havent seen or experienced the others

  6. Ooooh i didn't know about the 2C !!!! gottcha !!! thank you man !!!!

  7. wait , at 1.30 min you win 1$ ok so, you selected 150, so 1,50$ X 5 = 7,50$ ( +1$ = 8,50$ ) … so first, why they said 16 ? and two at the next PICK, you won 1000 so 10$… 10$X5 = 50$ …. why they said 100 … ? i mean, thats good for you but i dont understand….

  8. Fun game but it always takes my money fast, since it's so hard to get the bonus. It paid you $1 for hitting the max bet bonus wtf…

  9. do you find that you do better on weekends or weekdays? or do you think it really matters?

  10. every single time you hit very quickly in every video and i assume you record as soon as u start paying. how? it takes me hundreds of dollars to hit sometimes or not hit at all. but for you it hits on first spin or close to it

  11. Awesome 🙂 still a really nice session

  12. Very nice camera work! Good win!

  13. Not quite as much fun as the books or the HBO shows, but mighty close.

  14. Congrats had some really nice line hits, also you did very well on your Bonus. Need to look out for 2 cent have not seen it yet.

  15. That was a cool machine…
    YES 300X15 would of been B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. You made out good though can't complain with that…
    NICE BACKUP SPIN for money back

  16. The best results I've seen on this game. Thanks for sharing

  17. Very nice win and quick bonus! I've never seen it at 2cents, that's a steep bet! Thanks for sharing

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