Game of Thrones Slot Machine HUGE WIN!!! Back-to-Back Bonuses! MAX BET!!!

Game of Thrones Slot Machine HUGE WIN!!! Back-to-Back Bonuses! MAX BET!!!

[ad_1] With the new Game of Thrones Season underway, I decided to give the Game of Thrones slot machine a try! Great results!!! Enjoy!!!

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  1. I think the Britney Spears slot is a little bigger than this one.  Which probably means filming bonuses would be difficult to do.

  2. Love your videos. Do you guys loose as well? How much do you win per week? Its cool to see that you can control a slot machine when you bet higher!

  3. Love the oldies music playing at 2:14 of the video….The Honeycombs- Have I the Right. I love the videos

  4. Do you like the new Game of Thrones slot?

  5. Lol you get a bonus after 2 spins, "finally". You should have a camera man for these big video slots. Nice wins though.

  6. You are just beautiful!

  7. Awesome wiiin!! 702 is a lucky number for me!

  8. How 'bout rotating the camera to film in vertical mode? Might make it not so annoying!

  9. I love you

  10. If you dont keep the numbers in frame it's not very entertaining. I would love to know how much you have left and how much you get in smaller wins. Otherwise I'm just looking at symbols and numbers roll by

  11. I love this game!!

  12. I was slightly turned on when you said " come on baby show me the dragon"

  13. Мне сейчас грустно…идёт дождь…я смотрю твои видео и мне становится теплее…прошу не обижаться за мои комплименты…сказал то,что было на душе,good luck lady.

  14. Милая,darling…

  15. Сладкая.

  16. More!More!More!……….. That's what She Said……….Lol

  17. I watched a couple play this in AC for about an hour across the way at a pixie slot machine. They were hitting big. I was happy for them. Newly engaged.

    Film this horizontally next time.

    Good video!

  18. Disregard haters below, probably your competitors here on YouTube or just they weren’t hugged as children….

  19. Hi

  20. It's funny how she always makes videos of her winnings and never her losses. I wonder how many thousands of dollars she lost.

  21. i like u baby 😛

  22. I like how much you swear. I find it pretty funny 🙂

  23. do you have a boyfriend lol

  24. The one time you should shoot in portrait mode.

  25. Can you share your strategies how to win ? Seems you have more winning times than loosing .

  26. Hello slot lady, you won on all of your videos. Thats great Dont you ever lost?

  27. you said if people sent you money you were going to improve your camera etc etc?

  28. 4:32…just something sexy about it when she says it !!

  29. hey guess what she is pretty … lmao guys your lame stop defending her because you think shell "give it up " this is a channel of slots and when she has great vids ( lots of times ) ill say great vid .. when its a bad vid ( this one is horrible ) ill say its bad but no need to be disrespectful and no need to play captain kirk and save every female you consider pretty

  30. We enjoy this… you get to learn about the game.

  31. Next time show the amounts your winning kinda sucked just watching it spin and not know what the wins are worth

  32. yum

  33. Ciao

  34. What’s

  35. That game was Awesome

  36. That was great video….xo

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