Gargoyle Slot — «HUGE» Win Bonus!

Gargoyle Slot — «HUGE» Win Bonus!

[ad_1] The Gargoyle slot machine by Everi is a fun game!

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And it was paired with the Myths & Legends title which I also enjoyed:

In Gargoyle, you can trigger the bonus by landing 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols for 8, 12, or 20 spins respectively. During the bonus, you choose which Gargoyle you want to be wild and if it lands on a reel and isn’t part of a winning line combination, it «Stays Till It Pays» which is a nice little feature! Gargoyle also has a «Stardust Wilds» feature which when triggered, may randomly award between 3 and 8 wilds added to your reels.

Finally, Gargoyle offers «Ruby Moon Progressives» which at max bet, progressive awards are 6 or more «Ruby Moon» symbols which are attached to base symbols. All in all, a fun game, but you need the bonus and then you need to choose well, Enjoy!

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  1. Another incredibly boring video.

  2. I love this game!!

  3. dude the RTP on these land based slots are fucking horrible.

  4. Huge win ? Sorry not a hater, but not close. Keep uploading. Like the content!

  5. awesome!!

  6. what win !!!

  7. Huge win. ?????

  8. huge win !??? it's a joke ?

  9. "Come on — waking the drunk up"…

  10. That was good for a penny machine.

  11. sorry ass payout dude

  12. I just came across you channel much fun to watch.. also you have a pleasant sounding voice that (doesn't) get on my nerves like others.

  13. looks fun to play

  14. Congrats…I would play this machine. Thanks for the vid…

  15. interesting video congrats

  16. That was a nice bonus, never seen this game. That 4th reel during the bonus round…if only! Thanks for posting!

  17. Did the casino, ever offered you a VIP card? Well last night it happend to me. Normally you have 3 cards when you either frequently enter the casino, and they have another one thats called the Club and it's only for a certain amount of people, who play 'big'. It includes free things such as food, alcohol drinks, free parking (and in Amsterdam that's expensive!) and the ability to make a call about a reservation tomorrow anywhere and it's done. I feel kind of respected by that VIP status, because your from now on in some sort of program with lots of extra's. They coud'nt tell how much i was playing, they only saw that my players card was saving up alot of points, and by that number they could have made an estimation on how much i would spend in the casino. They cant count losses or wins either. But i'm ahead after 2 years after winning a car and a hot day of 17k in wins.

  18. cool game. yes

  19. Looks like a fun game!

  20. I'm not sure I like this game. I felt like you got cheated out of full screen wins several times when 4 of 5 reels had the same monster but the middle one didn't. I'd probably enjoy the game more if it weren't so late… maybe I'll give it another shot tomorrow.

  21. These slot manufactures need to really change this "huge" win crap, that is not any where near a "huge" win. Love your vids.

  22. huge ?

  23. wow

  24. huge win??? uh yeah….no

  25. that looks fun! was this in vegas?

  26. i want this machine at my local casino it looks AWESOME

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