Gateway Casinos — ** BIG WIN ** New Casino Operator!

Gateway Casinos — ** BIG WIN ** New Casino Operator!

[ad_1] Gateway Casinos — We have recruited the Slot Mole to look at the Gateway Casinos and how things of changed! Oh, yes, there is big wins! [ad_2]

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  1. Also…. Are those not the BEST CARD KEEPERS EVER! I have mine from Thunder Bay and people are Jealous when i have it out around here 🙂

  2. Hey Sweet reviews. If you make it closer to GTA would love to come out and play at the "Element Casinos" They gave me their first bonus book since taking over from OLG (Mohawk, Flamboro, Brantford) and it had 4x $100 in free play! SERIOUS For an Ontario Casino! They are not messing around ! Great to see your vids.

  3. I thought you can't record at any Gateway Casino in Ontario because I got caught recording at Gateway casino Sault Ste Marie

  4. Gotta go with what Slot Mole recommends! One of these days when I get a passport I have to head up to Canada and check out those casinos! Haven't been there since 2006 when you didn't need a passport to cross the border.

  5. Nice to see the exterior to some of these casinos I've heard of but never seen in person (and likely would never get to visit). Look forward to the next part!

  6. I loved that 192 x hit that was a beautiful line up ! Good selection of games ! Thanks for posting

  7. Gold Bonanza was very nice to you !!!! Looking forward to part 2 !!!!

  8. Welcome Back!

  9. Gateway Casinos is only new to Ontario. I’ve worked for them for over 20 years. 😉

  10. Can't wait for part two!

  11. That was a nice win on Gold Bonanza for a .60 bet. Congrats!

  12. Ah … we are back again! Yes … there are very good hits … as always! This time we look at Ontario … and a new casino operator called Gateway. It tells you all the cities which are changing to Gateway!

  13. Very nice wins!! Nice to see Slot Mole and PMT in your previous video 🙂

  14. Nice wins on low rolling Shamus I love Gold Bonanza such a fun game. Congrats and Thanks for sharing!!


  16. What a great hit for Slot Mole on that first machine! I love Gold Bonanza but they took them out of our local recently 🙁 Can't wait until the 2nd installment of this video. I'll need to go now and check out Slot Mole's channel!

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