Geoguessr — Famous Places #2 [PLAY ALONG]

Geoguessr — Famous Places #2 [PLAY ALONG]

[ad_1] Play along as I revive a rather popular map — «Famous places»

Here’s the link to the challenge:

Fun way to play: Quickly switch tabs before you see the result and see how i get on first.

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  1. TBH the one in Denmark would probably be the only contender for WORLD FAMOUS places.

  2. How many of you were screaming at him during round 4 when he went for the south one.

  3. That isn't the actual foundation of the building, but it does have the same footprint as the original building.

  4. National park generally means large, protected wild area in the US as well, but the Natl. Park Service manages several monuments/ historic sites as well.

  5. I saw a Denmark flag on a lego boat…

  6. i went san diego on the legoland one cuz that's the only legoland i know where it is soooo you coulda done worse lol

  7. 24998! The only one I didn't get 5000 on was Legoland. After searching for about 30 minutes to find the damn town in Denmark it was in, I just guessed somewhere in the middle and ended up being 50 m off. Oh well… and now watching I feel like I cheated since I didn't know it was no moving. Sorry GW!

  8. Legoland Windsor? This is a map of famous places, so of course it is the original Legoland in Denmark and not some random copy elsewhere.

  9. Me with the legoland one: Oh lord. cant you seee all the windmills. there are at least 3 different ones. that means denmark

  10. anyone else got a black screen for each location

  11. At night I just watch your videos your voice is soft it makes me fall asleep, thanks

  12. I thought Denmark straight away just because of the red houses haha, didn't even know there was a Lego land in Denmark

  13. The 3rd one was bang on for me. Legoland was obvious but those houses in the background at 8:03 look incredibly Nordic. I also visited Legoland Denmark as a kid and know it's in Billund 😛

  14. lego land had the Scandinavian houses! are the houses like that too in lego land UK?

  15. Yes you can go underground by the 9/11 monument. It’s like a museum, a must do if you’re in NYC.

  16. "I respect your opinion… Not really, I think you're an idiot."

  17. National Parks in the US are generally similar in scale to National Parks in other countries. The National Parks Service also administers National Monuments, National Historic Sites, and National Wilderness areas, including many of the monuments in Washington DC. The imagery in that photo was from 2013, so the scaffolding was repairing damage to the obelisk from a rare east coast earthquake in 2011.

  18. 1. Easy Tower of Washington
    2. I already had it when I played for fun and remembered it was Arles
    3. Billund's LEGO Land of course 🙂
    4. Where are the towers? lmao
    5. I knew that place and remembered it was in Siem Reap

  19. 2. I absolutely failed this map. Thought i was in Corsica and was thinking a lot before answering. 3. I just clicked on theme park in London, don't ask me why :0 just never knew about legoland before. 4. i didn't find 9/11 memorial and clicked on 9/11 museum 🙁 5. i knew about angkor wat but didn't know where it is and chose a border between laos and cambodia. anyway i guessed a country right. summary 10642. that was interesting 🙂

  20. i got 24996 points. Famous Places is easyyyy I do this map all the time lmao I know all

  21. of course its a inside job. there is no sense that the terroritsts actually attacketd

  22. 16 334 score.
    Better than you, but still worse than some of the no mowing, world map rounds

  23. hey man would love you to make an instagram so we could keep up with updates and wish you well on the adventure where you're able to read comments easier.. id even make a twitter if you were to post updates there

  24. i got the exact same places correct as you did.

  25. You know what, you and I made similar mistakes (independently) on a couple of those — I also picked the wrong pool and I also went for Amiens rather than Arles despite knowing it was Arles as I couldn't bloody find the place!

    Good luck on your adventure mate.

  26. Please put “No Moving” in the title, or explain it before you start your round one to avoid any confusion.
    Also, with all due respect, but the Lego buildings in round 3 just screamed Scandinavia.

    Even though it seems like I'm complaining a lot, I still love your channel. I got 19626 by the way.

  27. There is a Legoland in Germany as well, it's the only one I have been to, it didnt really look like that one though.

  28. Stay safe on your trip!

  29. 16876.. I know Billund name but don't know where the city is

  30. There's also a Legoland in California.

  31. Is your footage from the mission across Wales gonna be on this channel? Looking forward to seeing it either way!

  32. 15:00 “Henry can you pass the Jaffa cakes pls” LOL I’m dead

  33. National Parks are usually large protected swaths of land in the US, but there's a few exceptions like this. We actually have a more strict category than National Park, and that's Wilderness Areas, where essentially no human activity is allowed except hiking, camping and the like.

  34. 18690

  35. Oof, going from Legoland to Ground Zero is quite a roller coaster of emotions for a regular GeoGuessr game.

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