Giant Python Lays Massive Clutch of Huge Eggs for a Big Win

Giant Python Lays Massive Clutch of Huge Eggs for a Big Win

[ad_1] We posted a warm-up question and official rules for our $10,000 Win More, Give More Giveaway to support USARK on our Facebook page and we are just about to announce the winners! Watch as Jay and Tim pull this HUGE clutch with a few added bonuses. This contest is designed for fans of Prehistoric Pets and to increase awareness of USARK so please share USARK’s official fan page with your friends. SUBSCRIBE for more Prehistoric Pets! —


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  2. I want big snake I love snake

  3. Real classy of picking the eggs from the gigantic mother snakes.

  4. I was thinking 82.

  5. 30 eggs in one box

  6. My most favorite snake is the tiger bead piethons

  7. Big man bad man

  8. Y'all should've gave it to the person who said 87… technically, she HAD : 87 eggs. And 85 should be 2nd place. #cheaters

  9. I say 50 60 eggs

  10. 85 I haven’t whatched until the end I’m at 9.45minuites

  11. Or 30

  12. Can I have to I a big fan

  13. 39 to 40

  14. 85

  15. 58 eggs

  16. 105

  17. 85

  18. 50 60

  19. You know nothing about properly setting of eggs. So careless

  20. Quantos ovos?

  21. We can see why ? They cant get the snakes under control? Cause you people sending them all over AMERICA. Only white people… Thats not wise
    The way they hatch too many snakes.. Yull can do what you want in this Country.. For now its yull and the hell those snakes will bring all over our Country…

  22. What do you do with all those Snake eggs? What? I wonder why most white people Love snakes. So thats what u during? Sending these evil killing creatures to who ever want one?? Thats.why they in our Country and over taking it? And. Will be eating up our food and humans nexts. You Insane..

  23. 100 eggs

  24. At first I guessed 57 and then I guessed 85!

  25. 85

  26. 84

  27. 49

  28. 86 If I win i wood be so happy

  29. I think she had 100 eggs

  30. Could you send me a snake please would like to have one as a pet please help my number is 15623700249 thank you

  31. 64

  32. 80

  33. 70

  34. 50

  35. 49

  36. I think that there was 69

  37. Wooow

  38. 80

  39. 85 eggs

  40. That's me sharleen yay I get to have it

  41. That was huge! Love it!

  42. 75

  43. Can I get one of the egg

  44. 84 or 85

  45. Crap skills

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