Gold fish 3 slot machine BIG WIN max bet.

Gold fish 3 slot machine BIG WIN max bet.

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  1. lol what a shitty payment … 3.50$ and just get 840.00$?? lol it really sucks .. i have seen 1000…3000..even 5000 at 20 cents

  2. $840?? With max bet? That's bull.

  3. Super

  4. Very nice!  Too bad the new games pay so poorly that its not a handpay.

  5. Holy Cow!!!
    Wolfy 🙂

  6. so i did the math each line was 42 bucks times 20=840 bucks, should have been 50 a line, 2100 lol

  7. Holy

  8. awesome!

  9. amazing hit.. but damn. not a handpay at max bet for a full screen of wilds… I don't think il put my money into this one.

  10. +Slot Machine Videos by DProxima +sdguy1234 Well, did I call it, or did I call it?  Here it is — a FULL screen of wilds on G3 at MAX BET, and it's not even close to a hand pay.  :-/  I *thought* I read that 5 wilds was 200 credits on min bet.  AMAZING video, Flores.  Should have been more!  🙂

  11. Firme win homeboy !!!!!

  12. This is the first really big win I've seen on this machine.

  13. That's a beauty!  Congrats on the huge win!

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