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In Golden Egypt during the base game, you can collect 2 Gold Coin symbols per reel and when you do, that reel becomes wild for the next 2 spins! This can get interesting if you collect ONE gold coin on EACH reel, and then over the next two spins, land the remaining gold coins to fill the screen with wilds. Was I able to do this? You’ll need to watch to find out!

The Player’s Choice Free Games Bonus is triggered by landing 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols where you then get to choose your free games option:
3 symbols: 30 spins with 1 random wild reel, 15 spins with 2 random wild reels, or 5 spins with 3 random wild reels.

4 symbols: 60 spins with 1 random wild reel, 30 spins with 2 random wild reels, or 10 spins with 3 random wild reels.

5 symbols: 90 spins with 1 random wild reel, 45 spins with 2 random wild reels, or 15 spins with 3 random wild reels.

You can retrigger and if you do, you get to make another selection at the conclusion of your current bonus to keep things rolling!

Depending on your selection, your chosen number of wild reels will appear randomly on any of the reels.

Triggering the bonus seems rather challenging even though any bonus symbols that land behind any current wild reel will still count. I had a great run with this one, and was even able to trigger the bonus, and almost the Big One, Enjoy!

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  1. Such a great game

  2. Went back and looked at the picture I took. It was $75. My bad

  3. Played this game early this morning but I was only playing 5 lines X 5. 25 cents and I got wilds all the way across on all 5 lines. Won $80. Just sharing. I love this game. It was awesome to be able to watch you play the maximum bid. I love this game

  4. Where u been …I haven't seen many videos from you

  5. Awesome video!!!!! Love love love this game. I have it on my channel too.

  6. I was really into this one! Great vid!

  7. Let me tell you I watched every second of this video and was very entertaining! That bonus took forever to come and when it did it paid off!

  8. Nice play

  9. Such patience. You really hung in there. 5 million spins later, lol! Excellent results.

  10. WOW! Long play, trying for that Bonus!! Well worth the wait!!

  11. 7 ads on this video…no thanks. I know you have no control over this. But wtf.

  12. Yay you got the bonus. Thanks for hanging in there to show us the bonus. Good deal.

  13. Good win!!!

  14. Do you really need to put so many commercials in your videos .. Very annoying

  15. It's hard enough getting 2 bonus symbols. How you got the 3 symbols is beyond me. Congrats on the big win!

  16. When I first saw this game on YT, I thought it really had the potential for huge wins. But then I played it, and the coins never went where they would do any good, and I vowed never to give Golden Egypt any more money.  Your game was good — but you had to play nearly a half hour for that win — and for a long, long time you just yoyo'd up and down.  Finally you got 4 reels of wilds after 17 minutes and made $338 (plus $20 back up spin) Then the bonus (good choice I think) and it's $214 win.  Cashing out $700 is very, very good.  Maybe I've misjudged this game.  : )

  17. And very good!!!

  18. Almost like the 3-D Alladin game I played, rarely bonused either but did good with the wild reels like this one…LOL at your back up… You never do that!!!

  19. This is one of my faves right now. Never chase the bonus on this though. I like it for a quick hit with the wilds . I’ve had some luck with it but it can turn on you quick. It has no progressives so I view it as limited if you make some money run. You played perfectly congratulations.

  20. Great win ,can u try return to crystal forest? If not all good

  21. I like this game. I always flip through the denominations to see which wilds may hit. They get you on the those wilds showing up


  23. You closed it with golden seal… finally the Bonus!! Loved the video it was awesome

  24. Great session! Love your videos. Quick FYI though, "Let's see what we got."… it shows in the bottom right corner while it counts it up. ;D

  25. Cool Slot machine. Nice run !!!

  26. 16:42 big win

  27. Awesome hit! Don't let these ungrateful people steal your shine☺

  28. Congrats BP! I have played this game few times and got bored with it.The Yo Yo effects
    of the WILDS….ups and downs….and kept chasing for the Bonus which hard to get..

  29. Persistence finally paid off. Well done!.

  30. I really enjoy watching your vids. Great session!!!

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