Golden Fish Tank: Big Win! Huge Bonus

Golden Fish Tank: Big Win! Huge Bonus

[ad_1] Golden Fish Tank: Big Win! Huge Bonus

So we were wagering out a bonus… and we had almost lost the whole balance. Golden Fish Tank had been playing really well earlier in the week and we decided to return to discover if the streak was continuing. It was! Listen to me explain why viewers crockery is inappropriate, and look at this MONSTER bonus! [ad_2]

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  1. Awesome podcast bro 😉 keep on going <3

  2. Cringe much

  3. The most entertaining bald man on the internet in the field of streaming slots does it again! Great win mate, hope for many more for you

  4. Most annoying streamer going, atleast be less noisy. Ruining it big time

  5. Will we love you …just play some more pig wizard …did they let you keep the extra 1600 ? Or was it just 5000

  6. Mate just sub to your channel because I really like the way you are but please take dancing lessons please the dad dance is killing me…hahahahaha very entertaining mate..

  7. What was the cost of the spin on that will?

  8. Nothing fishy about this, it was brilliant! 😀 😀 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!!

  9. Well done will mattyboy

  10. Jesus christ, good win but, couldn't watch this video, this guy is an absolute sausage jockey.
    Guy who shares this channel with him needs to get him a muzzle, thinks hes funny…. no mate, your not.

  11. Seems a bit fishy to me .I'm here to school you on fish puns.Will may make me walk the plankton for this.Any fins possible with him.You think I'm Gill ty of too many puns.Im the guy you've been herring about. I do this every day Bara mundi

  12. Brilliant, fantastic win. Well done.

  13. My phone won't download Twitch. ( not compatible? )However watch you on a view only thingy so can't chat live . Just like to say brilliant mate and refreshingly honest.Hats off to 2 jags also . excellent partnership. Hope the business thrives.Btw I'm from that delightful oasis known as Middlesbrough so your Linthorpe road reference made me laugh. Good luck will and mister jags.

  14. Back of the net action !!

  15. Your behaviour gets more erratic every video — a bit sensitive to Smarties are we?

  16. Legend, congrats on last nights cashout! shaunn1113

  17. thats one way to say a balance

  18. Hi Will, you forgot to give me a shout out mate.

  19. Hahahaha I am soooo worried about you mate!!!!! One day you will have a heart attack if you hit massive win lol.

  20. Good luck mate. I'm taking a break from slots even videos. But wish you the best

  21. Wow! Now that's what I call a bonus! Gratz Dude!

  22. Hard to win anything on this nasty slot, outstanding win

  23. Great win Will, you (and 2jags) deserve this and more.. Most genuine and hilarious streamer out there.. Phil aka 'Twitch'es PhantasyPhotos

  24. Gave me a stiff

  25. Congrats mate.. so well deserved. See you do need help of chat to get you big wins lol.
    Looking forward to your next video. <3

  26. Epic win. Watch you on my TV now. Saves my ear drums! Love you honest playing. Would you do a slot battle with chip?

  27. Congrats on that

  28. Nice not real cash till wagered a million times though I wish you

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