Golden Goddess Max Bet Slot Bonus Big Win!!!

Golden Goddess Max Bet Slot Bonus Big Win!!!

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  1. Best roses i ever saw. Usually it hits once or twice with a decent payout. Still. Waiting for an all wild screen.

  2. I hit all the golden goddess pictures once on a penny machine, but I had only put one bet on one line, so I enjoyed my fifty cents.

  3. The pay outs seemed kinda low..

  4. What the full screen pay out I can't see to well ??

  5. fuck

  6. WOW!!  Goldie locks really liked you today!  Nice win.  Congrats CKV!!

  7. Congratulations…

  8. Wow Big Congrats!!

  9. Nice full screen, one of the better bonuses I've seen on this game.

  10. Wow I don't think I ever seen a coin show playing this game. Good one!

  11. I think this is literally the best bonus I have see on this slot. Even high limits don't do as well!

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