GoldFish 3 Slot Machine — Flurry of Bonuses and Big Win — House Money!

GoldFish 3 Slot Machine — Flurry of Bonuses and Big Win — House Money!

[ad_1] Part 1 of another House Money hot streak. This session started with $60 of Free Slot Play. With many bonuses I cut out the live play to keep it short.
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  1. you especially don't want one free spin, it's takes away from the prizes he throws down

  2. I wonder where i can get the music to the bonus music from this game, its so chill and fun to hear….

  3. this is one slot machine favorite i play in mayo when go to vegas and bonus spin no came out and every came out

  4. Very well done, great video to watch before playing!

  5. Just in case you didn't. Know, if the gold fish places nothing on the first spins, it will use it all on the last spin, I saw someone at the Venetian get 3 wild wheels and a 5x multiplier and a few double wilds all on the last spin and it was a handpay. That's about the best possible outcome for this slot unless you got the 100,000 credits from the purple fish, but I bet that's very rare.

  6. i have never seen this before.. that was fun to watch .. congrats

  7. Great win!!!

  8. You crazy bitch, you've never played this game before have you?  🙂  YOU WANT the Goldfish to NOT throw shit down — cause the more he DOESN"T throw down shit, the more you get to play it all in ONE SPIN at the end.  Whatever is left on the last spin, he HAS to throw down, so if you see the Goldfish throw down nothing, THAT'S AWESOME, cause it means it will all come on one spin.  You want the multiplier and the wilds on all one spin.  🙂

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