Gonzo’s Quest — 1 € Bet with retrigger- BIG WIN!

Gonzo’s Quest — 1 € Bet with retrigger- BIG WIN!

[ad_1] Bet: 1,00 €
Casino: Whitebet.com [ad_2]

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  1. just done over 1000 spins on this sat here couple hours not 1 bonus….kept trolling me 3x bonus symbols but not on winning line did that like 10 times they must have nerfed the shit out of this slot

  2. I am dumb enough to waste time here to watch the animated conquistador. But I am not dumb enough to spend money on this.

  3. I win 8000€ by one spin. Check my video guys!

  4. i won 14$ in that bonus on my 3rd o.20 spin 😛 i ran away with the monehs

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  6. i got 51$ with 0.2$ bet

  7. I win over 400€ with 1€ Bet (:

  8. nice win

  9. It says 388?

  10. Just got 188,00€ with 1,00€ bet.  🙂

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