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Fu Dao Le remains a classic and can be found on most gaming floors and most players have probably given it a shot at one point or another.

The base game is generally a scatter-based game where you win by landing the same symbols on at least 3 consecutive reels from left to right although there is also a lines-based high limit version out there too.

There are three primary features in Fu Dao Le: The Red Envelope Jackpot Feature, the Free Games Bonus, and the Pick Jackpot Feature.

The Red Envelope Feature is triggered by landing special bonus symbols on reels 1 and 5 for a Progressive award that resets at $100 for versions that have a max bet of $8.88.

The Jackpot Pick Feature is randomly triggered whenever a wild symbol lands on reel 3 and the chance of it occurring increases with your bet level. You then choose coins until you match 3 for a progressive award although the pick is not a «fair pick» so where you choose doesn’t matter.

The Free Games Bonus is triggered by landing bonus symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 for 8 free games although additional free games are awarded whenever any bonus symbol lands on reel 5. During the bonus, reel 3 now contains special stacked wild multipliers of both 2x and 3x to help you score that Big Win or Jackpot!

A feature that’s now common in many slot machines is a «foreshadowing» event which is an audio and visual cue that when it occurs, you know something great will happen and Fu Dao Le may be one of the first games to do this. In Fu Dao Le this occurs when the «Good Fortune Fu Babies» make an appearance and when they do, you will either score a Big Win, have the Free Games Bonus triggered or have the Red Envelope Feature triggered. If this occurs during the Free Games bonus, you have a shot at a Jackpot even and it’s really what you want when you play this one, as you will see, Enjoy!

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  1. Nice Baby Win $$$$

  2. That baby's game has been brutal lately. I am the babies Queen of that game and it seems like the $ 1.68 to $ 2.88 bet is the only thing hitting on that game.. it's brutal..
    Great win for sure..❤❤
    My favorite game..

  3. Love this slot! It’s tough but can pay so well. I’ve had some really good wins on it. That was fun to watch! Great wins!

  4. This game tends to be either REALLY hot or REALLY cold, but I do enjoy playing it. At the beginning of the year I remember one session starting with 40 bucks and running it up to $1300 over the course of about 20 minutes, started with the low bets and gradually went up to max bet. I must've gotten 7 bonuses and about 3 "Fortune has arrived" line hits. Was an awesome run.

  5. Alguien español xd

  6. Those multipliers are everything! Nice video Tim 🙂

  7. Im really loving the progressive betting its awesome thank you TBPB!

  8. nice

  9. I'm glad the babies came through for you; they are so stingy at my local! Great video, & best of luck!

  10. Always you are the best!!!✌

  11. That was great. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love your videos and your big potential for that big jackpot. Congratulations

  13. The Babies have been stingy and naughty to my friend, Pam Carter, lately. She hasn't gotten any good line hits or "Good Fortune" hits. She's about to send the Babies to an orphanage.

  14. I LOVE this. Game

  15. Nice session Tim! You came up!

  16. Great win and great video!

  17. Hi Tim did you switch machines or take a long break on this game? Great videos thanks

  18. Great vid Tim, I kind of like it when you interact with other players in your videos. Like the guy in the background cheering you on lol

  19. Nice win Tim! These progressive machines usually always pay the mini, while I enjoy watching I only play once in a while. I rarely get big line hits. They are fun though!!

  20. Loving the longer videos TBP .. always wait on your post another great video as always❤️❤️

  21. First comment! Nice video of small wins would love to see a Jackpot Handpay video on this game from you best wishes stay safe and have lots fun.

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