Grammys Cut Off Drake’s Speech + Ariana Grande Reacts To Cardi B’s BIG Win!

Grammys Cut Off Drake’s Speech + Ariana Grande Reacts To Cardi B’s BIG Win!

[ad_1] Ebro in the Morning discuss and react to the biggest news and headlines coming out of last night’s (Feb. 10) Grammy Awards.

— Winners
— Drake Gets Speech Cut Off
— Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album
— Ariana Grande reacts to Cardi B’s win…then apologizes

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  1. We get it Drake, it's not about talent and good choices, but why do you have to kill the mood? It makes you look ungrateful and takes away from the happiness all the winners are experiencing. Just say thank u take ur damn trophy and quit shitting on what should be a magical night for the winners.

  2. mac album was dope but lets keep it real, ppl weren't fucking with it fans were laughing at it clowning about nobody listening to it cuz astroworld dropped the same day now ppl wanna show the dude love now that he gone even the academy never acknowledged him til he was gone

  3. I don't get it. I replayed this a few times and don't see how he was cut off. He said what he wanted to say. He didn't even get cut off in a middle of a sentence

  4. Drake speaking facts! True

  5. Ok how can u not cut off cardi (I love cardi I think she deserved all the time she has for her speech) but cut off drake

  6. Drake spoke facts

  7. Cardi said rip?

    to your career after that goes viral.

  8. Travis was upset

  9. Drake is savage AF

  10. Eminem Had the best album if the year..

  11. ( Feb 11 )

    1. Maihem — Freestyle [Heat In The Streets]
    2. J2K — Freestyle [Heat In The Streets]


  12. swimming was not good LOL

  13. Drake was right, I've always known that white old men decide who's gets a Grammy, my favs don't ever get nominated…. Shout out to my Kweens and Queens who truly push there pen, Snow the product, Azealia Banks, Tink, Kash Doll, Dreezy, Remy Ma, Kandi a.k.a. Jay Will!

  14. Cardi B should not have won she is not a sophisticated rapper.She is a sophisticated stripper who speaks different lanuages.

  15. Black people begging white society for awards and validation!! Negros Please!!!

  16. Wildn

  17. She looks like a clam that is open

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