Great Eagle II Slot — $8 Max Bet Bonus — Super Big Win!

Great Eagle II Slot — $8 Max Bet Bonus — Super Big Win!

[ad_1] The Great Eagle II slot machine by WMS is still a fairly popular title!

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While they may look quite different, Great Eagle II is also a clone of the Dragon’s Realm slot!

In Great Eagle II, the goal like in most video slots is to get the bonus, which is triggered by getting 5 or more bonus symbols in reels from left to right and must occur on adjacent reels, from the left-most reel. For 5 bonus symbols, you’ll receive 5 free spins and an additional 5 for every additional bonus symbol, up to a maximum of 80. During the bonus, all wins are doubled, Enjoy!

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  1. Do you always use a player's club card?

  2. What about the big win

  3. 440$ for 50 games at max bet it's really nothing

  4. 0ops, please stop saying, I got nothing… I thought that was a nice always win anyways…

  5. Never once seen a losing video. Seems like you only record winnings, Everytime you cut away from a session is probably when you lose. Bored with them.

  6. that's awesome free spins….cute voice

  7. Stop trying to sound like a radio star at the begging jajajaja

  8. all those spins on 8 dollars for 440 dollars. that was hard to watch. I have several hits around 500- 700 on a dollar bet. better luck next time 🙂

  9. First luv ur videos an nice win. But slots world plz can we all stop calling anything under 1000. Big win

  10. Oi

  11. Not a super big win when considering the size of the bet…


  13. cool win but having the jackpot party interruptions suck!!!

  14. nice very nice I have seen someone get all Eagles only playing 50 cents before but 4 bucks even at 25 is a very nice payout

  15. Great win. but should have been more considering the $16 bet. Wish you would steady your camera better when you get nervous. lol. thx for posting

  16. How many $100 bills did you burn in this machine before you started THIS video of this win? And brother I'm not being vecisious at all, love your videos, I'm just curious and wanting to know…it's cause I know a lot of people do that, and understandably, but it helps me to know how much is invested in a game before it spits out what you've won

  17. Lol where was the "super big win"???

  18. That could have been so much better but congrats

  19. do it

  20. Hi my name is Johnny I love this game and I'm from Montreal Canada I got on my android app on my tablet

  21. Hey Bigpayback! Nice win on this slot. I'm from Holland and I love to watch your video's every day! Also because you play max bet! Is it true that, when you play max bet, the chances of winning are biggetjes? I wish you all the good luck while playing slots. Greets

  22. Really nice game. Really nice win. But there were no many dead spins after you retriggered 25 extra spins. Look what you could have won. Not that'd I'd complain about a 22880 two cent credit win. LOL

  23. Great win !!! Do you play at local Indians Casino ?

  24. I'm so mad this machine didn't open up for you…I mean really open up.. your super awesome though. gracias…

  25. Great win Bigpayback! My Mother and I were at the casino over the weekend. I used your words "Do it", while attempting for a bonus, lol!! Eventually had a great win myself! I enjoy your channel! Keep the great wins coming!

  26. Hi, love watching your videos, you have a very pleasant voice and great attitude, I always cheer for you!! I love that you play max bet on games, how do you fare at the end of the year, I always lose more than I win. It's just a fun way to goof around. What are your favorites?? I love bier haus and do very well on them usually. Wishing you much luck, I always tell my girlfriends I wish you were around here so we could do some casinos with you!!

  27. Question about something that I notice you do quite often….how come you will say that is a session on such and such machine and then continue on right afterwards?

  28. I've played this game and it's such a love/hate relationship. Had some wins but in the bonus lots of misses. You did well sir!

  29. wow! should've been a lot bigger win than that! awesome job though!

  30. ive been watching you for a long time.. you put out very good content.. but this is one of my favorite slots to play.. i just won $500 on it yesterday.. crazy to see it uploaded today. I usually try to find the slots that are combined with the volcano on top and if you are playing on it when the lava explodes you have a chance to win a progressive..keep up the good work

  31. aww man, I bet if you had stopped it the first time you would've hit alot of spin's like omg LOL

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