Gremlins Slot Machine BIG WIN!! Progressive Jackpot Bonus!!!

Gremlins Slot Machine BIG WIN!! Progressive Jackpot Bonus!!!

[ad_1] Played the Gremlins slot machine at Seneca Niagara Casino and it was awesome! Hit back to back random features and then got the progressive jackpot bonus twice! Enjoy!!!

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  1. Looking great in this video

  2. Great win. Proud of you. Yep

  3. Did you play gremlins after winning at the batgirl slot? That same night?

  4. So sexy baby. Keep up the hustle gorgeous

  5. Great game..must b nice to do nothing but play slots all the time LOL

  6. Awesome game! Enjoyed watching!

  7. Great win…I like the bonuses..good machine

  8. Uummm… nothing like hot roasted Grelims.

  9. Nice win! I love gremlins and the 80's.

  10. I know this is an older video, but wow, what a run! Maybe you should revisit this game again soon. It's usually been good for you.

  11. Hahaha what a cool game an alsome wins it's funny how they pop out an then hide away lol

  12. How can they not have gizmo of gremlins it's not the same without him, cute little thing he was. And those other Gremlins are pesky little critters.

  13. This came up in my recommended x good win Sarah x

  14. one of my fav classic shows & even better it payed out for you!!

  15. Love your smile and your videos. Good luck.

  16. That was a fun video to watch.

  17. Speechless!! ❤❤

  18. This was amazing. I love this game.

  19. Shes hot af

  20. Now I want to Play Gremlins. Very Nice Wins

  21. Nice series of wins!

  22. Good wins gremlins like u alot i see

  23. Yeaaa Buudddyyyyy! Them Gremlins be lovin you =D Great come up!

  24. haha . This was fun to watch 🙂

  25. I was off YouTube for a few days. Anyway I'll tell you what's awesome… that machine was on fire! Very nice of those gremlins to give you big wins! Maybe even the best video of yours I've seen!

  26. well that machine was good too you!!

  27. Please look at me

  28. Nice win! Finally!

  29. I always knew Ted had a thing for you, it would appear that Gremlins also have a thing for beautiful blond Canadians too.

  30. Hi from Andorra country slot lady

  31. U r as lucky as u r BEAUTIFUL!!

  32. Looking nice. Gremlins a childhood fav. Going to play it soon.

  33. That's awesome!! Those furry little basturds were in a playful mood……

  34. This game has good bonus features. Looks like you got it to play nice!

  35. Nice Job, your killing it, cash out and RUN !!!! lol

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