[ad_1] As we started playing on African Diamond at Encore Las Vegas we started talking about some of our big win handpay jackpot hits we have had on this high limit slot machine. We show a quick flashback of our African Diamond jackpot handpay and then continue our casino play at Encore Las Vegas. Both African Diamond slot machines are high limit slot casino games as we are betting between $10-$50 a push. Watch as we trigger a bonus game, have some solid line hits and take home a big win!!! [ad_2]

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  1. Congrats guys. Better than handpay, No tax lol

  2. Love your videos

  3. Nine, Ten, Jack Queen, king and Ace. Q' s and A's idiot's

  4. I like African diamond a lot, but my local has a different version with the reels 4, 5, 5, 5, 4 (similar to jumping jalapeno)
    I once got a line hit for $76 on A 50c bet. It was nice!

  5. People with a lot of $ are joyed for 300$ in Q’s when people who hit 25$ yell like its 300$.

  6. Nice win you guys. 🙂

  7. Come on big moneyyyyyy

  8. You guys are doing that high of a bets wow! great video

  9. Entertaining as always, ❤️ ya Lady Luck 🙂

  10. great win

  11. nice video as usual. Do you live in AZ, saw the awesome win from Talking Stick. I play there all the time, do better there than Vegas usually.

  12. just a cool $1,400 😛

  13. what is a flutter fly

  14. Hey Lady Luck! Haven't played this one yet… I sure will next week ! <3

  15. Bravo!

  16. nice session

  17. good hits every time guys………i watch your videos in between my job………getting ready to go back to work again…..laters

  18. Iam such a chicken and would have cashed out after the bonus. Great run building! Glad you cashed out!

  19. Lady HQ c'mon booom 😛

  20. Great video!! Still at it getting it done!!

  21. I love how so many of the casino vlog people call them J, Q,K and A… I always refer to them as JACK, QUEEN, KING an ACE…

  22. Sei bellissima.. ti seguo dall italia :*

  23. You played at talking stick in Scottsdale I used to play at vee quiva this machine they just removed it

  24. Perfect upload Lady Luck

  25. I really like you ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Great Job You Guys! Very Very Nice Win!

  27. The title is Handpay Flash Back. Did I miss the hand pay??

  28. Cant be a hand pay every time…Dang it…

  29. Love you guys you make me smile

  30. I love how you call the J's and Q's by their letter name as opposed to Jacks and Queens. So cute!

  31. Q s lol

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