Handpay- Sky Rider Slot Machine-Bonus-Dollar Slot-BIG WIN!

Handpay- Sky Rider Slot Machine-Bonus-Dollar Slot-BIG WIN!

[ad_1] Handpay Sky Rider Slot Machine Hit- 2 Bonuses-Dollar Slot at Venetian.
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  1. sky free slots

  2. You Go Girl 🙂 !!

  3. Staying at Venetian in a few weeks, any machines you recommend. $10 a spin is my max. I'll video your pick for you. Nice hand pay.

  4. Wish you would have let the jackpot song play 🙁 Nice win

  5. LOVE your videos and I have a question for you. I wanna take some live play for my folks to enjoy since they are older and do not travel. What places are the most "taping friendly"? Any hints as to how to do with without getting caught and getting yelled at by security? Thanks and maybe we will run into each other while chasing those elusive jackpots in Vegas. I will be there next month! Good luck 🙂

  6. just think if that was a hundred dollar bet you would have hit a jackpot lol nice try the slot just wasnt cooperating with you

  7. Nice win, Diana.

  8. Wow, great hit congrats to you both!

  9. Nice bonus.

  10. great session ! congrats

  11. Well done Diana

  12. Terrible bonuses! How did you win that handpay?! lol.

  13. Awesome little handpay in the beginning!

  14. Nice win! Congrats!

  15. Very Nice Diana! Congrats! Love these High Rollin Videos :)…

  16. love the maic on that game

  17. Congrats on the handpay! I'm guessing it was on a line hit? I wish you had caught that on video =)

  18. Beautiful hit! Congrats! But you have an even bigger win on this if I'm reading your FB updates correct?!

  19. HELL YES !!

  20. Hurray for the handpay!!

  21. Nice win, Diana!!! Great hand pay!!! 🙂

  22. Lets see some more Handpays for you D. Congrats and good luck !

  23. they still have these in dollar denom as well at bellagio. Great 1st hit win sorry bonus didnt work out to much

  24. Nice! I've never seen this slot in $1 version. Pretty cool.. 🙂

  25. The Sky Rider wasn't being very generous towards you Diana : (

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