HD ✦ Live Roulette ✦ 250$ vs Live Casino ♛ Fibonacci pattern for Big Win?

HD ✦ Live Roulette ✦ 250$ vs Live Casino ♛ Fibonacci pattern for Big Win?

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Bonjour, Hola! Hallo! Welcome, to Quantum Channel! i’ll be mostly playing Live Roulette, Blackjack and few slots Machine!

For Roulette, i’ll be using Mathematics pattern, Fibonacci with few betting strategy combined with Roots numbers sequence and primal numbers to determine at my best knowledge the next upcoming numbers!

i’ll update 1-2 Videos per week, But probably more once i’ll get more likes and Subs 🙂


Willkommen bei Quantum Channel! Ich werde meistens Live Roulette spielen, Blackjack und einige Slots Machine!

Für Roulette, werde ich mit Mathematik-Muster, Fibonacci mit wenigen Wetten Strategie kombiniert mit Roots Zahlen Reihenfolge und Urzahlen zu bestimmen, bei meinem besten Wissen die nächsten kommenden Zahlen!

Ich werde 1-2 Videos pro Woche aktualisieren, aber wahrscheinlich mehr, wenn ich mehr bekommen werde und abonnieren 🙂

Bienvenue sur Quantum Channel! Je vais surtout jouer à la Roulette en direct, au Blackjack et à quelques machines à sous!

Pour la Roulette, je vais utiliser le modèle de mathématiques, Fibonacci avec une stratégie de pari combinée avec la séquence des nombres Roots et les nombres prime pour déterminer à ma meilleur connaissance les prochains numéros!

Je vais mettra à jour 1-2 vidéos par semaine, mais probablement plus une fois que j ‘aurai plus de Sub! 😆

Bienvenido a Quantum Canal! Sobre todo voy a jugar Ruleta, Blackjack y un par de ranuras!

Para la ruleta, voy a utilizar el modelo matemático, con una estrategia de apuestas de Fibonacci se combina con la secuencia de números Raíces y números de tarificación adicional para determinar a mis mejores próximas cuestiones de conocimiento!

Voy a actualizar el 1-2 vídeos a la semana, pero probablemente más una vez tendré más Subsribers!

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23 комментария

  1. I'm betting that no one is watching the wheel.lol

  2. 31 to 12 — 7 pockets
    18 to 26 — 7 pockets

    Some of these immersive dealers are good not all of them thou'

  3. Roulette is not your game

  4. How to we can do this system please explain

  5. very impressive .. i Need your ideas and tracks please ..

  6. Saw a. Few neighbor numbers from the American wheel pop up, just another chart to watch.

  7. https://youtu.be/sYiD-79Fdis thanks for the Roulette video

  8. Dumb betting unequal amounts on numbers that all pay at the same odds ? Some winning bets returned less than the total bet for that spin ? You Tube videos & casino roulette betting are full of this type of play ?

    Once more than 18 numbers are covered in basic terms (the equivalent of odds of an Even Chance outside bet such as Odd/Even) then on any win you will always profit less than your outlay. Therefore you need to win more often then lose. Add in the casino advantage of only paying out at 35 : 1 on a 37 or 38 number wheel then the hill gets a little steeper at any session.

    To analyse what I'm saying due to the speed of the plays here, what is needed is a load of patience & sit down with pen & paper & freeze frame each bet. Pick your maximum bets to 18 numbers & don't bet splits or corners etc. Probably best to stick with the same numbers doubling up & let the spins come to your numbers ? Only then will you be able compare your apples with Miss Quantum's apples.

    Sure sometimes luck is on a players side & a profit is made regardless. How does it hold up the next session & the next & the next & so on ? What players profit more often than lose ? In my experience the casino advantage wins out the majority of the time.

    Also don't believe the casino's player FAKE win display as they only show the win & add in the players money back as well but never factor in the losing bet amounts (to make it all look better than it really is). Always look at the difference in the players balance window & glance at what was bet against what was won. In the video there was quite a few spins were the bet outlays were more than the win = a loss. Granted there were some good wins also.

    More players would make more money if they bet smarter, so why donate your hard earned to the casino when you don't need to ?

  9. u cover almost all numbers so ofc u have a lot of hits those are holow wins u suck at this if u wana win big u need to risk more not 30 numbers cover with 1 but 10 numbers cover with 3 same amount risk but higher win

  10. There is no pattern is just bit of luck

  11. Love your videos!


  12. outstanding! plz post more video!

  13. Can you explain the system that you use ?

  14. Am I the only one wondering why bets of £187 are being placed, without covering the majority of the table and maximum possible win per spin is £288. This makes no sense and is reckless. If there really was a system, you would at least lump on heavy on one or two numbers so if u do hit, u walk away with £1k. If the system was that good, would be playing with thousands… this is shocking.

  15. 'Caught that pattern' hahahahaha

    My friends who hate gambling win more than this pathetic effort by just random drunk tier betting.

    Please please please tell me you are doing this for a joke or else i really will be worried 🙁

  16. how do you do it mate, tell me

  17. bruhh how are you doing this ? how do you find out where to put the winning bet ?

  18. Or maybe a turorial on how to do this? I have watched all your videos, trying to figure out What pattern you keep seing, some of it makes sense, But when you say 31 — 12 = 7 i get theres 7 spaces between, then went back to 13, what does this tell you that it jumped back? Then the new number 18, plus the 7 spaces its 26 Yes. But How do u use this with other Numbers?

  19. Can you explain the math you do to figure out Where its gonna hit next, if this is a system, maybe i Can Google it If it have a name?
    Please do tell 🙂

  20. Formidable hit after hit wow! bet more next time misquantum

  21. Shows us the big bets & big wins like you describe :p goal 20K

  22. Amazing!
    Teach me, please! I can not lose money on roulette any more. I've already lost a lot of money. 🙁

  23. superb! love it

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