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«He Started Crying»: Ella Mai & DJ Mustard on Big Win for ‘Boo’d’ Up’ | Grammys

«He Started Crying»: Ella Mai & DJ Mustard on Big Win for ‘Boo’d’ Up’ | Grammys

Ella Mai & DJ Mustard join Billboard on the red carpet of the 2019 Grammy Awards to talk about ‘Boo’d’ Up’ winning Best R&B Song, Aretha Franklin, and more.

#EllaMai #Grammys #Billboard

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11 комментариев

  1. Guys that were relevant in hip hop in 00s are becoming the pimps of hip hop. Try and tell me this isn’t bird man and Nicki or Gucci mane and Nicki. I just hope she has all her rights and masters and he ain’t got her hostage under some legally binding cause she definitely already remunerated her record deal advance. Well done Ella tho getting recognition she deserves and breaking records

  2. That interviewer is such a retard. Why would she even ask that even if she read it somewhere LOOL

  3. She's a big girl or Mustard is just small.

  4. The interviewer could've prepared better questions

  5. Love her. Not sure about that dress though. Need to see the whole thing.

  6. The song is ok , R&b artist has lost the meaning of what real R&b about , but enjoy your win.

  7. He was ready to get up outta there.

  8. Love her but besides respect she may not know anything about Aretha Franklin (RIP) Why do they like to put people on the spot?

  9. DJ mustard went from producing rack city to win aGrammy

  10. She is Soo pretty

  11. I love you Ella mai

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