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HE WON THE ARCADE GAME JACKPOT IN JAPAN! Today we’re at Round1 Arcade in Ikebukuro, Japan where we discovered the largest coin pusher we have ever seen called Grand Cross Arcade Game! This game is so big that it can handle 32 players at once! While playing we noticed that Gambit had a chance at the jackpot and well, the rest is history…

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  1. Subscribe for more JACKPOT videos! http://youtube.com/clawd00d1?sub_confirmation=1

  2. it sounds like they are having sex for first time?

  3. What kind of metal are the medals made of ?

  4. i love love love love your japanese coin pusher vids

  5. he won the JACKPOT at 14:33

  6. So to answer a bunch of questions about prices/ what you do with the coins. You can store your coins in a coin machine and withdraw them the next time you want to play. That’s it. No money or prices.

  7. Fungasm…

  8. Do you exchange the coins for money?

  9. At 12:15

  10. what do you win in japan is it money?

  11. Would be a lot more entertaining if you did a but of research before starting the video. Its not my intention to sound rude however it becomes really obnoxious when you say I don't know what's going on or since deritive of that statement every few minutes. Hope the recommendation helps a bit. Good Luck in the future!!!

  12. Love this game

  13. wheres the first yellow ball,which was supppose to be taken out ? Is it dissappiered? very strange

  14. He won The Silver Jackpot worth $2,587,000!!!

  15. Why does no one show what you can actually get from redemption of the coins/tickets??? I know most of the excitement is from the gambling and all the lights, whistles, animations…but it'd be nice to see what happens after all of it. That is what you can do for the next video

  16. What do u get for the balls u win?? Love this game!! Awesome!!

  17. i like your voice man its so sexy ، Do not get me wrong, I mean you are a special person and loved, I really wish I had a friend like you ،I want to gamble now with you lol

  18. Damn we need that machine!!! Looks so fun compared very the US Machines

  19. these games are awesome!!!!!

  20. So what are the coins worth in currency you had quite. A few there when you cash in what's the amount nice vid aswell ty

  21. What is the reason for playing? All you win back are those medal coins, can you turn the coins in for money back or do you just play this game for the fun of it all.

  22. Holy crap, just got to 3:31 and you said it's six o'clock. For real, it's 6pm right now.

  23. Fun game, there. Could not believe when that tray came to you and pumped out so many tokens at you. Awesome.

  24. Very nice video. Thanks for posting and have a nice day too.

  25. Talk about making it rain. Congrats Gambit!

  26. Somethings Happening!

  27. You should see ours in the uk all you get is key rings of a plastic toy car

  28. Really liked how you explained what was happening, thank you

  29. This is what happens when you ban gambleing … the gambleing gets creative.

  30. That was the greatest!

  31. VERY FUN TO WATCH !!!!!!!!!!

  32. I might have to dislike because I just spent 30 mins watching coins drop lol

  33. Wow haven’t seen you guys in a while. Glad to be back and you’re almost at 54,000 subscribers!!

  34. This model is…「GRAND CROSS CHRONICLE」

    GRAND CROSS is New work…
    LEGEND is…fan…

  35. you should try pressing the ball deliver button when the jackpot passes a certain fixed point (lets say the point inline with the little man that stops) if you lose press the ball deliver button next time when the hole after the jackpot is inline with the little man so on so on . you might find the table is always spinning the same speed and the ball spinning the same speed therefore stopping in a different place everytime

  36. these vids are mesmerizing.

  37. I dont get it you pay for all tge coins and you win the same coins back just a small percentage of what u put in that you in return just play with the coins you win

  38. I remeber Iived in Okinawa back in the 90's and they arcades made the states look like childs play . For 3 years.after school I would go to the Sega arcade by karena airbase and play for hours . Best time of my life

  39. Do you actually win money? I am being honest.

  40. You guys are such Nerds! That's what makes your videos even better. I can be nerdy at times and i'm sure that most people can as well. Fun Video!!!!

  41. Why dont you get some translation app on your phone and actually learn how the games work? 😛

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