High Limit Lighting Link Slot Machine $25 Max Bet Bonus Won | Hold & Spin Feature | Live Slot Play

High Limit Lighting Link Slot Machine $25 Max Bet Bonus Won | Hold & Spin Feature | Live Slot Play

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Don’t look at gambling as a way to get rich and make fast money. Look at it as a way to spend an evening of fun. Set a budget, stick to it, and quit after you have spent your allotment. If you end up ahead after an evening of gambling, look at it as an unexpected bonus.
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22 комментария

  1. A better session. Hope you get that major one day.

  2. That’s the power of its bonus

  3. Like your slot channel but stop with the weird background music nobody else does that?

  4. Thanks for the entertainment after a long week of work. Keep it up

  5. It took a few minutes to work out what you were doing, then it blocked you!

  6. This version has always been stingey on the drops on Hold And Spin…

  7. Great hits NG. Really enjoyed the bonuses.

  8. We watch your videos faithfully every night after work! When we have a good win we always say “Good job NG”

  9. Nice lightning link session

  10. Well… you were getting the bonus easy enough, it just didn't want to Hand Pay AND you were making a great bet for a Hand Pay! Fun Video!

  11. You didnt say show me the power of your bonus…..

  12. Amazing long run on a high bet, and bonus winnings, congrats!

  13. Good game second press of the button and you won the bonus brilliant play and nice win

  14. Tank's my freind from yfreind in ytube of Morocco

  15. I see you spend this money and I get so upset I have my one month old grandson that was put into foster care that I cry for every day but the state is fighting me because we had a police call to my home for my son 3 years ago when he was a minor and to hire an attorney it's $10,000 to represent me and I'm just a grandmother who loves her grandson with more than everything I have in me and I don't have this kind of money to help me get my beautiful grandson home with me because average people like me can't hire the best attorney out there

  16. Great run good jab Narek jan have a great day

  17. It was so much fun last night watching the THREE AMIGOS live back to back I hope you guys will do it again. Soon thank you❤️❤️

  18. ok now whatch youre videos It s weekend.

  19. Start that comeback NG!

  20. Good morning MrNg this game you so lucky
    You have three time to hit the bonus is so hard I try and don’t get nothing good luck to you my friend

  21. Hey ng why dont you try betting 15 or 25 on dollar denomination dont you think the lightning balls would be higher then the 10 c ones ??

  22. Isn’t the mini 1000$ on the 1$ denom 25$ bet?

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