Highlights: Buckeyes Get Big Win vs. Spartans | Michigan State at Ohio State | Oct. 5, 2019

Highlights: Buckeyes Get Big Win vs. Spartans | Michigan State at Ohio State | Oct. 5, 2019

[ad_1] Ohio State’s J.K. Dobbins rushed for 172 yards and a touchdown as Ohio State got a 34-10 win over Michigan State.

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  1. Not taking anything away from Fuller, but Akudah was flying on that pick 6!!! Love the D this year

  2. I was looking at the video at 0:10.

    It looks like White’s knee was down as the ball pops out….

    Also look at my screen name before you accuse me of being having high levels of sodium.

  3. Not even our best performance

    Also those refs were God awful

  4. Went exactly how I predicted. MSU would punch them in the mouth early but they wouldn't be able to keep OSU from making some big plays. Jk dobbins gashes MSU every year. Fields is going to be an excellent quarterback but MSU showed that he still has a lot of work to do.

  5. I love you football

  6. 3.09 — 3.23

  7. MSU looked more mentally unprepared for this game than OSU looked like a national title contender

  8. B

  9. My only thing is how was Michigan State even ranked. They hadn't played anybody good. And lost already. Sometime I swear they give team ranks to make schools like Ohio state look better

  10. #25 on trending

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    The article was written by Steven W. Mosher, the president of the Population Research Institute and an American social scientist who has written extensively about China.

  12. Why is this even trending?

  13. #20 on trending

  14. Ohio State beat MSU and the refs

  15. If OSU had scored tds on the 2 early turnovers….and MSU had not dropped that td that would of been final could have been 45 17. But 34/10. I'll take it. MSU has a good D and talent it's just we OSU switch in and out alot of guys that start on most teams. Biggest obstacle is Wisconsin but i don't see them running the ball down our throats….final 4 teams. Early prediction…big10 title game..OSU vs Wisc. OSU wins n plays LSU in the playoff and win by defense. Title game. OSU/BAMA with 1 loss…yes 2 SEC teams will be in the playoff….OSU by 3.

  16. 41-10*

  17. Michigan vs Michigan st will be a very intense game this year.

  18. Two things I would like to see….

    1. Ohio State vs Georgia in the National Championship Game.

    2.Jalen Hurts winning the Heisman Trophy.

  19. Best team in the Land

  20. Playing michigan state is akin to playing a high school team.

  21. My favorite part of the game; seeing Fields running downfield 20+ yds leading the way to throw blocks for Dobbins!!
    Granted he didn't actually hit anyone really but he was there leading the charge willing to do so.
    I've been a bit worried about his commitment to Ohio State but seeing that, well, we cool now.
    Way to be young man!!


  22. O-H

  23. The touchdown by Binjimon Victor was not a touchdown, and the blindside block penalty that took away the OSU pick 6 was just awful. That rule MUST be scrapped. What an absolutely ridiculous penalty in a full contact sport. Like telling boxers they'll be penalized if they throw an uppercut that their opponent didn't see coming. @#$%ing ridiculous.

  24. Dantonio is a Class Act. Good coach.
    Ohio State, too much talent.
    Harbugh is overpaid and would whine about everything instead of owning the loss like Dantonio.
    Go Sparty

  25. Fire Dantonio

  26. 41-10

  27. I can’t wait for the Wisconsin-Ohio state game on October 26. Both teams will be undefeated and probably top 6 in the country. Battle of the two best defenses and 2 Heisman candidates.

  28. MSU always give us a hard time
    except for the last 2 times they played us

  29. That first t.d. didn't look like a t.d. to me but oh well…

  30. I just can’t support MSU any longer after their blatant violations of human decency.

  31. MSU has to go to wisconsin, then play penn state, and 2 weeks later at michigan. That’s tough

  32. You guys are definitely not being Michigan now

  33. Sparty gave away a lot with dropped balls and wide open recievers and you knew they would give Fields a lot of defensive stunts and looks! I did notice though, that Sparty D-Line was regularly knocking Buckeyes O-Line back. It seemed Buckeyes O-Line never really did get in sync but our playmakers made difference when it counted. Now Fields and O-Line have gotten a firsthand, close up look at what was a very quick physical opposing D-Line. Expect more of same from Penn State and Badgers. Buckeyes have extremely tough schedule.

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