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» Highlimit » multi denomination Big Win!

» Highlimit » multi denomination Big Win!

Equipment we use for Videos:

Iphone 7s
camera Canon G7x
Drone Filters
Yuri»s Lipstick
Yuri’s Make up
Iovany’s glasses
Yuri’s glasses

You do not have permission to use any Property with out the written permission by Slots of Fun Iovany or Yuri.

Watch as Yuri and Iovany travel to different Casinos and try their luck on the slot machines!! This channel is for entertaining purposes so please no rude or hateful comments.

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  1. Congratulations in your win… Me and my Husband will be in Vegas the week of Feb 10th any chance of a pull?

  2. Welcome back

  3. Very nice!!!

  4. Stop fibbing… you know you were playing 20….. you just didn’t want Yudi to know. Hahaha

  5. Love Love Love It. Thanks.Michelle

  6. Come on what? Come on and not win or come on break even come on what?

  7. Talking to a machine please show me where it's ears are.

  8. Nice run!

  9. The jubilee machine is my wife’s favorite. We might run into you guys sometime as we live next door to Zia.

  10. Yes sir back at it like a crack addict. Light em up guys. Tell them they owe you back pay. Take that money.

  11. Awesome video.

  12. Awesome wins

  13. thats the way! highlimits min dom all day

  14. Heck yeah nice win. Great to see you back at it in a high limit room. Good luck and max bet for a max win

  15. Love u to yuri and lovey. You put your makeup on anytime u wont to baby girl…u looked good getting woke up to play big slots.and one to…so glad u two are back….go blow up one ch ching…

  16. "interesting" music coming from that first slot.

  17. 6:36 thank me later.

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  19. Loving all the new videos!! I hope I’m a Kikapoo when you guys decide to make it down here!

  20. Back with a vengeance! Love you guys.

  21. Yes yes yes 2 in 1 day! Whoop whoop

  22. Awesome win


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