Hildryn in-depth overview build + Arcane Comparisons / High Level gameplay l Warframe Fortuna

Hildryn in-depth overview build + Arcane Comparisons / High Level  gameplay l Warframe Fortuna

[ad_1] Hildryn is a very powerful frame for dealing damage, buffing allies and doing some crowd control. Although her main problem is how slash procs and toxin damage can destroy her! You actually get to see her weakness to these damage types in this video.

Overall I would highly reccomend her but keep in mind if you do not have these shield arcanes her survivability is hindered.

I think the coolest thing about her is how you don’t really want to run zenurik focus school with her!

If you have any additional questions let me know. [ad_2]

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  1. For a shield theme, she should have had only shields no health at all and her shields should've​ been hard not squishy af. Honestly I don't know why DE thought this was a good idea. If we're being honest with one another she has the ember syndrome, great for starchart stuff but actual trash in every other "difficult" mission in this game. I like fun but fun just don't cut it period. Here's to hoping that she will get fixed soon but you know vauban and Wukong are still the same soo yeah. Great video though Gaz.

  2. Single arcane Aegis combined with shield recharge rate makes it night and day. Also Arcane Grace with a descent amount of hp will maintain you alive if poison/slash proc

  3. Interesting.

  4. will arcane avenger give her pistols 30% crit chance?

  5. umbral is slot waste to my opinion, prime vigor and sheild charge should be in the build to so basicly if replacing overextended with augur reach will drop to range 210 percent witch is very ok and can manage to get more power strengt that way and because of that removing that transient fortitue with shield recharge will give both more duration/efficiency and build will have more diversity that way

  6. It's worth noting that Arcane Aegis also turns on Warframe's innate shield regeneration.
    Say you have one Rank 3 Arcane Aegis active, your shield regen rate is not only 60/sec, it's 60/sec plus the Warframe's innate shield regeneration.
    The formula for the innate shield regen is (15+0.05(Maximum Shields))(1+Mod Multiplier) where 'Mod Multiplier' is bonus recharge speed from mods like Fast Deflection.

    So with your Hildryn build the innate shield regen rate is 15+0.05(4365)(1+0)= 233.25/sec
    If you include fast deflection (+90% shield recharge), your innate shield regen jumps from 233.25/sec to 15+0.05(4365)(1+0.9)= 443.175/sec
    With one active rank 3 arcane aegis, the shield regen rates jump to 293.25/sec and 503.175/sec respectively.

    Edit*: Also, the innate shield regen remains active for the entire duration of arcane aegis' effect, even if you're taking damage.

  7. How much are double barrier sets just curious

  8. She doesnt look reliable on high levels at all in my opinion, but at least you are having fun.

  9. Arcane deflection for slash resist and arcane resistance for toxin.

  10. But have you tried aviator

  11. I say ditch overextended and put primed vigor

  12. How about Quick Thinking? Does that help mitigate the obscene slash / toxin procs, going directly into your shields?

  13. Endgame build but no endgame to play. Feels weird.

  14. Only video so far in deep, good guide. adding from my non-stop endurance play since she arrived, I noticed that beyond 175 range your shield will drain too fast even at max effic/duration(try fractures with overextend and see what i mean), too many enemies affected by Aegis Storm is not optimal. Adaptation is A-MUST. .and obviously 2 arcane barriers as mentioned in the video. Sentinel: Taxon with Guardian and all the shield mods.

    Do not waste a mod slot on Fast Deflection nor Vigilante Vigor. Do not waste a mod slot on armor, adaptation + aviator/drift is enough survival. When being bombarded, go high up, enemies seem to lose track of you to an extent (bug?)… and last; avoid Overextended. Primed Vigor will save you from this 17:21 My testing so far points to an approx. of 144% to 160-ish power.. beyond that i think it's detrimental by having better options in the set-up to get shields back. so for an endurance build (tested while being mobbed on MOT, Fortuna and fractures) see below.

    a balanced endurance build: aura of your choosing: Exilus: Aviator/Drift..(< do not change this polarity, you need that dmg reduction while in the air, it's a hint for a reason) Redirection (duh!). Primed Vigor, Stretch, Augur Reach, Primed Continuity, Adaptation, Streamline, Umbral Intensify < take this build as a blueprint, and change for your play style.. just don't go power creep on her nor use armor mods or overextended. You're welcome. Now we only need Umbral Redirection.

  15. You can kinda farm her. Just farm the plat. Farming the plat goes quite fast anyway.

  16. Have you tried brief respite aura and full anger set the set bonus is important

  17. Hildryn: I VILL BE UR SHIELD!!!!!!!
    Rhino: i VILL BE YOUR STRENGTH!!!!

  18. Mods like fast regen buff the effects of arcane aeges

  19. So the toxin ancients at 100+ one shots her if ur not careful rite?

  20. rapid resilence or rolling guard could help, but we need more slots 4 that

  21. Inaros to hyldrin: "suck my dick"

  22. aviator?

  23. Does shield pillage still cleanse status

  24. That platinum amount impress me more than hildryn + love that color purple 😀

  25. Wouldn’t say it’s one of the best armor strippers, it takes quite a few cast to strip 100%

  26. Does energize do anything for her?

  27. Oh and can you try her Balefire with mutalist quanta bubble?
    Sorry I don't have hildrin to test with yet

  28. turns out Aviator works on hildryn btw, took a heavy gunner to take 3.5 sec to take out my shield wihout aviator and with aviator about 7sec(no arcanes or sentinel)

  29. Change that redirection to vitality, hildryn doesn't need more shield, she need more health. So you can survive slash/tox. 225 hp is just too low to survive any kind of debuff. In my opinion, hildryn can be broken as nidus or hell even stronger then nidus (that if her passive can be trigger many time and arcane barrier can be trigger upon the invulnerable phase). Imagine in long endurance run, all the mob damage are insanely high, her passive can trigger all the time and the arcane barrier proc all the time, imagine how broken that is, still its rng on hildryn side, while nidus can basically face tank everything.

  30. Sancti magistar blocks status right does that work?

  31. Was oneshot by a toxin ancient lvl80 or so with its aoe toxin pulse eventhough i was full hp and had umbral vitality + umbral intensify (so i had a lil under 600hp). They need to make her (and affected allies) immune to debuffs/statuses with haven activated (similar to oberon's grass). Right now her haven is extremely mediocre. Also her shield pillage needs to scale off of hp as well because its useless against grineers with lowered/stripped armor and infested plus it needs to lose the line of sight requirement.

  32. Her Drain is much like your average drain ability, her efficiency AND duration work in tandem toward lessening how much shield she uses with her 1/2/3/4. I personally built pretty evenly. Everything above 100%, strength is 185% (after 30% proc from growing strength) and gave her 190% range to give her powers 28.5m of range. I added a arcane barrier and Aegis to her and quite literally can just stay in her 4 almost always, or I land and get my shields back immediately as is, pop my 2 then my 4 right after so I go up with 4500ish shield only to have my 2 come back while I’m In 4 and get about 5700ish shields. I personally think my build is pre damn good if you want an all around build that doesn’t sacrifice drain efficiency. The strength is still more than enough to wreck with her balefire (1) and her 4 is more or less vauban bastille. Still very handy. I give her an 8.5/10. Can’t use guns in 4, RIP.

  33. More like " skip her" …atleast for me…

  34. how is that high lvl ? .-.

  35. Running Hildryn with High range build is kinda strong to because her 4 can cc all the enemy in 42m radius if she stay in the ground, with mod like fast deflection and streamline to minimize her shield drain when using Aegis storm with arcane aegis proc.. the shield never get decrease.. it will insist to increase and basically make your Aegis storm stay indefinitely as long you can proc arcane aegis..
    And guardian mod with sentinel/moa will benefit to.
    Yea you can damage with this build but it more like a support thing to help some warframe with channeling abilty ie; excalibur , mesa , oberon etc for the energy orb.. and some sure success to finish a mission like mobile defense and excavation.. oh operative defense mission can be useful to..

  36. I personally think she kind of sucks. She's all right with Arcanes, but she's super meh without them. Inaros is a much more flexible and reliable tank, and if you want tank/support, just play Trin. Trinity is a better tank than Hildryn.

  37. Your channel would be big if you had a better mic

  38. arcane comparison starts at 10:38 in my opinion a 2x barrier set will make you more survivable. But using 1x aegis 1x barrier is probably better for normal mission play

  39. How much is the bundle worth for that warframe.

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