[HOT]James Harrison live to tell Colin what the Cowboys big win means for Dak Prescott | The Herd

[HOT]James Harrison live to tell Colin what the Cowboys big win means for Dak Prescott | The Herd

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  1. The reach from these two people is hilarious. Take away a whole facet of the game and the Cowboys are average really sherlock. Take away the offense from the saints and they are nothing special in that case right.

  2. Kris Richard needs to be mentioned, they did not mention him. He is the reason are DB's are playing lights out

  3. Both of these guys are idiots. Dak is a WAY better QB than Tebow EVER was. And I DARE these two idiots to compare Daks first three years to Ben Roethlisberger's stats for his first three years of stats. 😉 Dak DESTROYS Ben in that category. So, are these two idiots going to compare Ben to Tebow, too? And facts ALWAYS supersede "personal feelings". 😉 Fuk yo personal feelings!

  4. Dallas isn't healthy on the OL… not even close. Get some of those Boys back, and our points will go up.

  5. Lmao still hating I see cowboys can win Super Bowl and they still will find ways to talk shit

  6. Who made James an expert with all the crazy shit he did with Pittsburgh. Now winning by 3 points is not good enough.

  7. Tim Tebow, seriously?

  8. Skip is way too high on Dak and Colin is too low on him.

  9. James lost a bet on that Cowboy game Thats why he wearing a loud ass hot pink shirt.

  10. But they could have gotten a touchdown in the end 20-10 then what?

  11. Colin comparing Dak to Tebow is just disrespectful and stupid.

  12. Colin is a punk ass hater, he keeps changing his mind, daks rookie year he had to call him and apologize to him, he will have to do that again soon

  13. Cowboys have 2 HOF, top 5 at their position oline guys out, an elite lb out in Sean Lee and a solid DT in David Irving but that’s considered healthy??

  14. Harrison and Colin trying to console each other for their bad takes

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