HOW THE KISSY KISSY LADY SAVED MY BUTT — Slot Machine Big Win Run After Terrible Start

HOW THE KISSY KISSY LADY SAVED MY BUTT — Slot Machine Big Win Run After Terrible Start

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I’m VegasLowRoller and this is my HOW THE KISSY KISSY LADY SAVED MY BUTT — Slot Machine Big Win Run After Terrible Start video. Filmed at the North Cannery Casino here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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  1. My Favorite, China Shores

  2. VLR, you're funny, you're always asking for a full screen on bonus round which is almost impossible, anyway we're enjoying your show just like you do, you're infectious. Thumbs up.

  3. Promised 5 doing 10 😉 but great vids and funny laughs

  4. Too much of a girl?? that's okay I still like you.

  5. love your vids! I'm going to the casino for a slot tournament, wish me luck!!

  6. "I'm the best in the world"….LOL

  7. 4788888888888 BIG HEARTS LOVE

  8. I have watched a few of your vids now and I might be wrong but you don't look like you play what I would call the popular slots. Ie walking dead, game of thrones why is that ?

  9. Another entertaining video thanks for sharing.

  10. as usual very entertaining. Let`s do the fandango!!!

  11. Another great game and another great win! Congrats babe!!

  12. Nothing wrong with being a "girl" Just sayin'! 😉

  13. Just today I went to the Casino for the first time, I was playing I forget which machine, single line payout $5 max. I hit $100 on my first $5 spin, then $150 like 3 spins later followed by a $300 hit. Then after about $100 worth of misses I drop it down to $2, I then hit 2 I repeat 2 $400 hits back to back but don't get either of them because I needed to bet Max…..then on my last $5 I hit $400 and go home. I can't believe how bad I messed up not betting Max, could have had like $1200 and I only brought $60, still a great night overall and great for my first time playing.

  14. You were so close in getting all five of the fan dancer, good win!

  15. You are such a character! Glad I found this channel! Awesome win VLR!!!!

  16. Once again you have entertained us. Congrats on the comeback! Yes, I too would like to see some of the older games make a return. I loved Who Dunnit. Made almost $15,000 on a dollar one many moons ago.

  17. My nigga

  18. I LOVE the old games…. I wish some casino would see the value in having an entire space dedicated to them… I would go as often as I could!! Congrats and thanks for the videos!!

  19. New Subscriber Here!…….I love your commentary, it is natural and you are one funny guy. The best parts are when you say "Dirty" and of course "BoomShackaLacka". I am starting to say that everyday now. I am a huge fan of the Sea Monkeys Slot. Have you ever tried that one? The bonus session pays very well at times. You are my new favorite on YouTube. Major props!!!!

  20. I just realized Fan "Kissy Kissy" Dancer is same exact bonus as that old Money Tree slot machine, remember that one VLR? I want to see you play Mr. Cashman sometime!

  21. Awesome! Congrats 🙂

  22. i like your vids very much but what happened to the video this time? you are shaking the cam alot this time.
    great vid btw.


  23. play some Rise of RA, or Jade bird next time! =)

  24. Nice Comeback!! Congrats!!!

  25. Wife and I just got home from the casino and we had the same thing happen to us as you did. We we're about broke and were playing stinkin rich with about 8 dollars left and (( WHAM )) bonus and 20 spins later $360 was cashed out. It's always good to win at the end rather then the beginning cause winning at the end Disciplines you to take some home or all. Damn 6am comes early.

  26. Nice way to end it! Sexy thumb! 🙂

  27. Kissy Kissy…….great bonus….you are so funny!

  28. they don't do nothing because you don't try stopping them. you should really give that a try because it helps stop the randomizer chip in the machine

  29. That's it…From now on I'm going to be calling this game kissy kissy, and everybody going to be looking at me like I'm nuts….LOL

  30. good win to save the day. what happened to the sneak peak video from last week? the hand pay? always love your videos.

  31. I always enjoy your videos, but this one really makes me smile because my dear, sweet mother used to say, "Kissy kissy, honey!" all the time. Thanks for sparking the memory!

  32. to summarize . . . not too shabby, Kissy kissy lady, oh give me the ladies, Oh My God, Here we go baby, oh my goodness, oh come on, on fire baby, do it again, come on come on, and leave getting paid. Wow — I'm worn out. You are a riot. Thanks again for the video, the win, the inspiration and the fun.

  33. Nice wins, VLR!!! Wish that jackpot feature would be different. And very nice last bonus too…that sure saved you! 🙂

  34. Some of those games I have never seen before, That Blazing & or the kissy lady! Great ending!

  35. your vids are always fun to watch.  Fan Dancer saved your night, I haven't seen that game in years at a casino…if you ever see Generals of the East, give it a try.

  36. very shaky video today you do something different ?

  37. I call a LOT of spins equals wine time — kick back and drink. LOL Hooray for fan dancer — congratulations!

  38. super shaky video!

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