How To Farm Ventkids Standing (Fortuna) | Warframe Guide

How To Farm Ventkids Standing (Fortuna) | Warframe Guide

[ad_1] Here’s a quick guide on how to farm Ventkids’ standing in Fortuna with your K Drive! Some important points so make sure to watch all the way through and please let me know if I missed anything out, cheers!

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  1. Here's the first of many Fortuna guides, hope it helps some out! Please share other spots to farm standing as well, cheers!

    EDIT : Here's an update —
    Races don't give ANY standing currently as they're still being sorted out by the devs.

  2. i can get 3000 trick points with ease but my standing is getting crab with them

  3. i can get 3000 trick points with ease but my standing is getting crab with them

  4. so now what?! they literally removed that ring as a grind spot. you now just slow down and don't lock on the rails. why! did they nerf this. WHY!

  5. this seems to have been patched out :C
    I can't grind the rim at pearl. doesnt work like rails, no sparks or anything and no points. just slides sideways as if on flat ground now.

  6. Doesnt work anymore ?

  7. Hello! How do i find out when does my dialy standing run out, or restarts? on vent kids. Cand find it anywhere

  8. is there a daily cap?

  9. Its boring and tedious to get standing especially on console

  10. Pearl is not working for me. I grinded for an hour and got no standing.

  11. pipes near fortuna is my spot lel
    gotta try the orb though

  12. W E N T K I D S

  13. these things is not my problem atm, i ran in there alone with nekros and each place gave me 2 of each for garuda warframe parts to build in less than 1 min, the damn daily standing cap limit is my biggest problem now, wonder why they made all the factions in there have the same daily cap? cant do vallis standing then you loose out on vent kids, this sucks, why not make it like syndicate standing, you got daily cap but you can still sell the pickups for more standing per day that go over the limit per day, great video, helped alot

  14. Thanks, you are a life saver 😀

  15. Hey, thanks man.

  16. How did you get no enemies in the pearl?

  17. Thx for this guide.

  18. literally grinding for standing

  19. Just what I needed ,thx

  20. Does anyone have all the combo's you can do for the keyboard?
    I know V starts doin grind but i hardly every get grind points from it (grinding on random rails)
    Right Click does front flips
    WASD for movement (tho I seem to prefer W + Mouse for movement as its more fluid)
    Shift for boost
    Space for jump (can hold down to charge it)

    Are there any more keys?

  21. I stopped earning standing at 8700, fortuna broken. Also all the races at unavailable to me as the kid on the k drive doesn't pitch near the marker

  22. Nice review and tips.

  23. problem i have with k-drives is that my k-drive keeps going into the ground like its really bumpy.
    any idea how to fix this ?

  24. lit

  25. It may be worth noting that there is a possible daily cap for standing (at least for your random tricks). Went out and accrued roughly 12,000 points (which should have accrued 3,000 by your maths) only to find that I did not acquire any points. It is worth noting that I had, by the time of this posting, already accrued roughly 20k standing with this syndicate, and it's possible I'm capped out for my mastery rank. I will follow up on this post to see if completing a race for the first time nets further standing.

  26. Not sure to be sad that I can't play Fortuna yet (console) or that when I get access to it there'll be all these great guides to get me started haha

  27. Nice

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