How to play Limbo guide 2019 l Warframe Fortuna

How to play Limbo guide 2019 l Warframe Fortuna

[ad_1] Took me a while to mention it in the video but damage abilites (Mesa/Saryn) can damage things across planes.

Tried to go over basically everything here. Hope this was helpful to you!


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  1. Stasis also freezes finisher states. If you open an enemy to finishers while stasis is up, they stay open until you do a melee finisher or end stasis.

  2. I don't think it's so much that Limbo players love to troll as much as trolls gravitate to Limbo for his trolling potential.

  3. Problem #2: Might have been the non-limbo player entering the rift through Limbo's dodge. If you're experienced enough you'll know almost instantly realise that you are in the rift and just roll out.
    Problem #4: Only happened a handful of times throughout the year I've played :/
    To be fair, there are plenty of other frames one could use to troll.

  4. Rift surge is a pretty damn solid countermeasure against nullifiers. Lots of people just rely on stasis and cataclysm alone so they don't realise that their 3 can hold the enemies' position inside the rift (and with stasis) even if the bubble is stomped.

    And good god if more limbos realised how far rift surge could propagate (rift surge radius), cataclysm would end up on the back burner for most :/

  5. I swear I'm like the only person who can play him right out of everyone on xbox, hes such a good frame in the right hands

  6. Please!!! Share this to EVERYONE!!!!! People has to learn how to use him and how to work with him.

  7. How does this help with syndicate missions as medallions don't pop out of lockers?

  8. Rolling Guard is great to use in place of Natural Talent, as you activate and have time to cast Stasis and Cataclysm….oh yeah and please set your energy color to white for everyone's benefit….Catalysmic Continuum is useful for solo'ing defense missions and such because you can keep the bubble going a long time

  9. Great informative video. Limbo is a God and more people need to learn how to properly use him

  10. Just a quick tip I could add is that I run a similar build as the loot explode build but no transient fortitude because without it, it deals enough damage to containers to lure out the medal stuff, also it’s really good for a endo farm or really Ayatan farm which wat I use it for

    Edit: I see that u use it for quickly gettin rid of the bubble, but just double tapping 4 gets rid of it

  11. How to play limbo, dont

  12. Arcane effects can affect enemies regardless of plane of existence. Exodia Contagion can damage enemies through the right. Exodia Hunt can pull enemies towards you. Exodia Epidemic can be some decent CC. Magus Anomaly can pull enemies towards you too. Magus Lockdown. Etc. Etc.

  13. One extra info: not that it happens that frequently, but Grineer Manics can cast dispel and hit you through the rift planes — I learnt this at the worst possible time, when doing the MR26 mastery test, that has you following those moving totems that you need to stay in close proximity to capture. Today Manics were able to snag me a couple of times and perform their hack-your-face dance they do, but thankfully they didn't do that much damage to kill me. But yeah — it's then that I had the TIL moment.

    Good video!

  14. I got 2 main Limbo builds.
    Min Range — Max Duration: Defend a terminal or banish an operator.
    Max Range: Crate Opener

    I really need to work on Combat Limbo again. Medium Range, good duration, high strength and the Augment is my goal.
    So I can play in a public squad and use plane ping pong (Void Surge + Banish/Cataclysm).
    Rolling Guard might be a great addition to this build!

  15. I’ve seen limbos kite around masses of enemies in survival then go afk in the rift to slow the survival down. Another bad experience was during me farming trinity and a random limbo kept manually banishing me as I tried to hack the ambulases, claiming he was doing it to protect me during the hack

    Limbo can be incredibly powerful if played right, but bad eggs give limbo as a whole a bad name

  16. This video reminds me a lot of Triburos' Limbo Guide. Great video & very beginner friendly, thanks a lot.

  17. I miss meeting enemies in complete stopped time but I still love limbo

  18. Frames you can use with limbo:

    Basically 70% of all the warframes in the game

    By the way, you can cheese some spy missions with a max range build and use your operator to hack the panels

  19. I've been enjoying the new amalgam barrel diffusion on my limbo, makes weaving in and out of the rift much faster

  20. Limbo = ZA WARUDO

  21. There is alot of other things I wanted to mention but the video was getting mega long.

  22. Love Limbo! Really great for fractures too!

  23. hot

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