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  1. I went from 1k tickets to 1.6 million tickets in about an hour using this. pretty good. I stopped at 1.2 everytime and played it safe

  2. scam don't play!

  3. Honestly thought it was fake but actually got to 3mil from it no cap

  4. This video is terrible lol. How does it not have a huge dislike ratio?

  5. Can someone tell me the name of this site?

  6. what is this site??

  7. Do you still play?

  8. Thanks so much i went from 500 tickets to 450k so easy got a dragon cable out of it. So happy tihi

  9. Utter BULLSHIT !!!

  10. i lost every thing

  11. i crashed on 1.00%

  12. stupid idea. its not working. mostly it crashes before 1.2

  13. Ayyyyy this was made on My Birthday

  14. I don't know if it's just because I'm really unlucky (trust me I am, I lost a jackpot where I had an 84% chance win) but when I play crash most of the time it crashes before 1.2. I get so annoyed because I went from having over 340,000 tickets to just under 200,000 whereas everyone else is making millions, literally! Oh well it's probably just me being the most unlucky person.

  15. i fucking hate how you can crase at 1.00 but nice strat tho

  16. I went from 100 to 1003949394 billion

  17. i literately just did this and crashed at 1.22 im fucking done

  18. Good strategy and great vid

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