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We’re the Deegan family, and were back with another sick video! 🔥 Make sure to check out our other videos and subscribe so we can bring you more content! We upload daily videos of our crazy family; Haiden, Hailie, Hudson, and Brian! Comment below what we should do next! Peace!

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  1. just awesome….

  2. Well done buddy awesome racing.

  3. Hope haiden is back asap, im 26 and i literally get excited to watch him race, i dont watch really anyones youtune channel but i am glued to the deegans. You guys are an awesome family and as a huge fan i think im going to build a metal mulisha/ deegan 38 drag racing motorcycle i have designs getting made as we speak 500hp turbo hayabusa coming soon!!!!

  4. Nice race man keep that ktm on top and have a blast doing it. Good work huck

  5. love the content man, quality quality content, congrats on an awesome race

  6. man huddy such a damn tripp


  8. Wussup the deegans. I’m a 5’5 tall boy and I was wondering what a good first dirtbike would be. Just watching danger boy and huckson race has made me want to get a dirtbike.

  9. Lmao that air time at 2:45

  10. Legend! Stoked for you dude! Well done

  11. Way to go little guy!

  12. I would like to see this kid get a 65, but I have a feeling he's gonna be your next dirt truck driver.

  13. The keyboard warriors at Vital Mx have a 10 pager knocking the Deegans. I think its great what Brian is doing for his boys & daughter.

  14. Hello from cold Omaha guys. Winning is fun!

  15. Can you include him thanking sponsors in the next one

  16. AMAZING Job Huckson Deegan. Make daddy proud and mommy of course. Love the Deegan family

  17. Duuude!! That made my day, way to battle buddy!! Deegan family killing it

  18. Good win buddy and good battle from both riders way to go mate future champ

  19. Get an huck you da man

  20. Huck should have gone for the ghost ride! hahaha

  21. Huck is such a character!!!!! Lol

  22. Huckson killen it

  23. Good job. Show us his trophy’s

  24. That’s so cringe

  25. gosh that made me cry cause i was so happy!! good job @huckson

  26. Hope he didn't ride in San Diego, those kids were so low to the ground you know they were covered..

  27. Great job Huckson!!

  28. The time put in with honstein is benefiting Haiden and Hudson for sure. Congrats on the win Hudson!

  29. "Make sure you thank KTM" haha

  30. When is he getting a 65

  31. Been watching the Deegans for a while.Very good family of racers.I also ride Im in a family of motorcycles in our roots.Im 12 years old and we built a large motocross track with huge jumps.Ive been riding for about 3 years now.But Haiden has been riding since…….2 or 3 years old.GOOD JOB HUCKSON AND THE OTHER DEEGANS

  32. I am is Brazil, new enrolled in the channel!

  33. Stellar ride, little dude!!! You Rock ! ! ! ! ! !

  34. How crazy awesome was that what a race mate well done . Was great to see you win again the sound of the crowd that must have been a rush .
    I think people are going to be very amazed with your motocross and super cross .
    I have also been thinking out of the two boys you will be the one to follow the freestyle lineage of your dad .

  35. The crowd went nuts over the boys, so nice to hear.
    Congrats Hudson.

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