HUGE WIN! Diamond Queen! Slot Machine! BONUSES!!

HUGE WIN! Diamond Queen! Slot Machine! BONUSES!!

[ad_1] Its rare to get the Bonus on Diamond Queen since its usually a really good one. This time I got super lucky and hit 2 Bonuses for a Huge Win at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas!! Enjoy!!!


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25 комментариев

  1. Great win. You are so beautiful. Next time raise the bet when machine is hitting.

  2. In the end it turned out sweet not sour. x

  3. Great comeback win. Always a pleasure to see you. As always keep on smiling!!!

  4. Nice one!

  5. Now that was a lot of fun. In our opinion, you are simply, the best! Steve and Jayne

  6. I just cannot get over the fact !! how cute she is !!!

  7. Nice comeback. First time seeing that slot machine. Looks fun. 🙂

  8. That was amazing …..yay

  9. Thunder, thunder, thunder cash, HOOOOOOOOOOO

  10. Must be nice to have your life. Getting paid by random people and Youtube to gamble along with being really cute. Some folks truly are blessed.

  11. You are awesome

  12. Hey how are you doing today? Since I watch you play I always want to go to the casino and nices win!!! 🙂 🙂

  13. Slot diamond qeen jolie bonus

  14. I know, being older, that I am "out of the loop" but I was wondering if you have tried to copyright "SOUR"? It is a great response and with t-shirts and the like, well….(if not, I want 10% …only kidding). Best of luck.

  15. Play more ultimate Texas holdem please, real fun to watch

  16. Awesome Win Sarah

  17. Yes! That was AWESOME!!!!

  18. Nice wonderful

  19. Tax free best JP..good going

  20. Superb. Nice session sar

  21. Congratulations on your win.

  22. That's why you love that game , that was awesome .

  23. Wow nice hit diamond queen is my fave too nothing beats the bonus

  24. Alright. Well done slotlady.

  25. we will be at the Cosmo in march. I'll have to find that machine! great win!

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