[ad_1] The Lamp of Destiny slot machine by Konami — Up to 100x multipliers!

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Lamp of Destiny offers players the chance to multiply bonus wins up to 100x if you’re very, very lucky! The standard game plays like most others, where a Big Win is scored by landing a nice screen of line hits by «Filling the Screen» with symbols, and hopefully a top symbol!

The bonus is triggered by landing bonus symbols in reels 2, 3, and 4 for 10 free games although first you need to choose from 1 of 3 lamps: 2 of the lamps offer multipliers of x20, x5, x3, and x2 while the Super Free Games has multipliers of x100, x25, x15, and x10! I have no doubt the Pick is fair, so you have a 1 in 3 chance to land the Super Free Games. During the Free Games bonus, any win is randomly multiplied by one of your available multipliers although each option isn’t equally weighted, so you really need to be lucky to score the top multiplier.

Retriggers are possible for extra spins if you’re in Super Free Games mode or an additional Pick if you’re not, as you will see! If you’re able to have the 100x be applied to a win, it’s Big Win or most likely Jackpot time. I have to say, this is a great game and one I’ll be returning to once again, Enjoy!

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  1. Huge

  2. Feik

  3. I've never seen you play only $4.50 usually it more like 300-500 a pull.

  4. I really thought the 25x hit would be a handpay. Close enough though, great vid bud I almost missed this one.

  5. Nice win

  6. Still waiting for the huge win …

  7. That's what you call a huge win… can you say clickbait

  8. Still my favorite slot channel! No drama, no fighting with other slot channels, just you doing your thing. Thank you for staying true to what you posted from day one! I'll keep on watching and congrats on that win…now I wanna try that game lol!!

  9. Stick a couple zero's on the end to call it huge. Was expecting something good.

  10. Ive always wondered what you look like, but I guess with all this slot channel drama it’s probably better to be incognito. I guess I’ll just pretend your Thanos after you lost all your power and became a human and decided to live out life gambling, =p.

  11. My gosh with a 100x multiplier this one has major potential

  12. at 7.10 you get 5 Aces x2 and 4 Aces about x6 times and you get $28 on a $4.50 bet?????? Screwed like a cheap Taiwanese drill

  13. Hey TheBigPayback

    Awesome win bro. You’ve mentioned Jackpot King on your videos before…any idea where he and Mr. Lucky went.

    Thanks for your channel. Your Zeus run was awesome. Been watching your channel for a couple years now.

  14. Great win, you are always so nice and courteous to the people around you, and that's a great quality in a person. 🙂

  15. Do you always get that lucky? Or only “choose” to show the luckiest of wins?

  16. Patetic slots. 4.50 a hand and just the 3 lamps(bonus) pays 6 … can you play


  18. That was insane! Wow!

  19. It IS time for you to come OUT to the slot community! Everyone else shows their face ams now hosts successful group pulls all over…You are one of my favorite channels and such a great personality….its time to NOT be hidden amd have fun with the fans…Plan a group pull and see for youself…you're a natural and we would all have a blast…its time!!!!

  20. Great win! Congrats. Who needs a face when you have the voice. If I ever hear my slot neighbor saying Do It …… Noooooo…. Fantastic…..I will recognize you!

  21. Great win!!!! I love this game

  22. Nice win!

  23. Very nice!! Thanks for sharing. Continued good luck to you

  24. Amazing! So happy for you 🙂

  25. Beautiful win !!! Congrats

  26. One of my fav games . I hit full screen with 25 x multi and got 2500 dollars on 3 dollar max bet back in Jan . That game has huge potential if you ever get to be the one when it hits. Lok

  27. Fantastic win!

  28. That $650 hit would have been $2600 if it would have landed on the 100x…. That's incredibly insane! Still an awesome bonus. Thanks for sharing!

  29. so excited yu are so good and grats on yur destiny

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