HUGE WIN + MEGA MISS! on Jammin’ Jars Slot — £4 Bet

HUGE WIN + MEGA MISS! on Jammin’ Jars Slot — £4 Bet

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29 комментариев

  1. Damn nice win mate. I wander how much those strawberry would pay if u hit it

  2. Very nice win!! Unlucky with them strawberries though!

  3. Nice

  4. Omg so that’s 9 strawbs inc the wilds *10 *12 *9 I think last one was. Jesus I’m too scared to look at what that total amount would have been. Potentially Max your monthly withdrawal limit if it hit.

  5. Omg man, so unlucky at the end great win tho mate

  6. So close nick, you do make me laugh though

  7. Good play Nick! Are you playing in real casino?
    However, I also playing online slots. Everyone can win in a moment, not long play ) Any way Good luck next time!

  8. Unlucky Nick. Max possible win there would of been £14.4K

  9. Omg!!
    Great win pal but fuck me them strawberrys!!!! How much would that have been???? #BloodyStrawberryNightmares

  10. It would probably have been a 20k win if strawberries had hit

  11. 3:13 hahaha best reaction

  12. I’ve had to ban myself from this slot. I put thousands in it on .40 a spin. Didn’t get anything over 200x way to volatile for me. Nice win Nick.

  13. Jamming jars jammy cunt lol nicely done sir

  14. Was great catching this live, those strawberries just teasing us from seeing life changing money! What a game.

  15. Yesterday i shit you not i was at 4 dollar bet on diamond mind got the 117000 ways over 17 diamonds every where all but the first line ….kept falling and i was screaming just like you …DIAMOND …,DIAAAAAAMMONNNNND…..would of been a 10000x hand was almost crying …….lolll


  17. Ouuu this is hard…you win but the last is fucked

  18. Hahaha no way mate that Strawberry was tooooo close!

  19. Sweet win nick!
    Unlucky on the end!

  20. well frickin' trolled.

  21. Sure that would of been over £25k if it hit. What a game

  22. Oh dear, but a win is a win and it was a good 'un — well done lad x

  23. You have 2 exactly same win + exactly same miss in your videos.. And what is best, your reaction is exactly same xDDD

  24. Great win Nicholas but unlucky at the same time, i love jammin jars 🙂

  25. Awesome win Nick but Christ if those
    Strawberries hit then wow

  26. Quality hit. I watched it live. Eventho that end result is an amazing amount of money cant help but cry a little inside by being so close to a super win

  27. Dejavu

  28. Wow would have been massive. Unlucky mate. Just hit purple chilli all the way across at 2.40 on ExtraChilli myself. 3900 euro 🙂

  29. Nick will never eat a strawberry again

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