HUGE WIN on Book of Ra Slot — £4 Bet!

HUGE WIN on Book of Ra Slot — £4 Bet!

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Down to my last £25 and then Book of Ra saves the day with this MONSTER win! [ad_2]

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  1. I am no expert but one thing I will say is the number of times I have seen/heard a streamer say they are about to lose their balance and something like this just drops in. It happens far too often for my liking

  2. wow this is crazy hahah

  3. What a bonus at that point. WTF! Wow!

  4. I see someone win 50k on this they where getting 7k every time lol x

  5. 게임 다운로드 할수잇는곳이 어디죠?

  6. Ahhhh seriously these insane bonuses week in week out. It's like u cannot lose. Oh wait I'm sure there's some reason for that. Why do u even act surprised anymore

  7. Nick have you tried new game on casumo, Sakura fortune, it's got plenty of potential. Bandit had a go on £2 stake and got close to £500. Plays well but can rip.

  8. do you get anything for going up levels?

  9. Great trigger 🙂

  10. what what nice come back

  11. you shown rock n rolla this. Mega win m8

  12. hi I seen it in real time you lucky git 25 quid than bang that's some easter egg lol enjoy your weekend

  13. The number one fake streamer / evil genius does it again!!! Love this game well done 🙂

  14. Nice one Yorkie…money in the bank..:)

  15. Awesome madness!!!

  16. what a BONUS !!!!!

  17. Absolutely brilliant, I havnt seen anything like this before on this game, well done.

  18. just wondering at 07:35, you say " 2100 pounds right, balance at 25 quid." Why not balance 2100 quid balance 25 quid, or 2100 pounds, balance 25 pounds? Is it like in America you would say, " I won 2100 dollars and I only had a balance of 25 bucks left"?

  19. Awsome win well done dude

  20. 5:08 When you see the math test and understand 0,01% of it.

    Nice win Nick!!! well deserved, tobad i missed your friday stream!

  21. Very clever showing the "RIP" stream and then this win at the end. Keep them suckers hooked! "Even if you lose all your money guys, this will happen and you end up with a nice cash out in the end! Happy times" complete bollocks tbh, anyone that believes this is real money is either extremely naive or, to be blunt, slightly dumb. Not too dumb mind, Nick does a good job of masking his misdeeds

  22. did i just see that or was i seeing things great comeback

  23. what a hit to trigger the bonus and what a god damn bonus aswell how many retriggers lol! love ur vids mate keep em coming do u have twitch?

  24. nice win nick

  25. Now this is not…. I repeat not sour grapes. But I play the slots in excess of 2 to 3 k per week. I have done for a number of years.
    However, and here's the thing, I do not stream. That said I've had a few half decent wins over the years. But you guys make up your own minds is it genuine or not. Me…… I think not.

  26. That's what you call a 'Good Friday' haha. Well done Nick.

  27. Best feeling in the world, almost ripping alot to be in the green when it looks really dark, keep happening to me to lately

  28. Beautiful comeback nice one bro

  29. i cant even get a bonus on this bitch on a 20p stake

  30. 200x just on line hit…………… HELLO YOU TUBE…lol……………. what a great bonus Nick……………. From a Jack to a fu… King great bonus…………

  31. Right I now demand official Nick Slots merchandise… tshirts and tea mugs with "Comeback Kid" on x lol well done nick another awesome hit!!!

  32. nice win lad that was like me yesterday on sky Vegas on book of ra 150 deposit walked away with 2500pound

  33. I swear guys even if you deposit 1k and you will play whole day you will never hit bonus above 1k, you will keep trying and never be lucky as NickSlots, he is hitting those bonuses so often. If he would be so lucky he should not be here at all but live on bahamas and have everything deep in ass…. He never loses MORE than he wins during a month.

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