HUGE WIN on Jammin Jars Slot — £6 Bet

HUGE WIN on Jammin Jars Slot — £6 Bet

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  1. Well done nick .. ps love the jumper mate

  2. Hi

  3. Love the Jammin wins

  4. Random feature, strawberries, retire. Still a massive hit congrats.

  5. Love jammin jars. Well done Nick

  6. Beautiful sweater from Kim and nice win! 😀

  7. Great win imagine the third

  8. Jammy bastard more like

  9. WOW

  10. Well done nick 🙂

  11. THUMBS UP ,,

  12. Nice win man
    I’m curios if website payout if you withdraw that amount of money..
    Did you have any problem before in withdrawing big win like 5000£ ?
    Some websites blocks you and never pay.
    Your advice will help
    Cheers !

  13. Merry winmas Nick

  14. Nice hit ginger Tim Westwood

  15. Wtf was that that was insanely weird as fuk why didn’t that bring the 3rd jar it would have been epic and

  16. Love it you lucky git aha merry Christmas from your pal FIRE

  17. Great hit nick was waiting 4 the third jar 2 pop in 2 make it a mega mega win have a good xmas pal

  18. Congratulations nick?

  19. Nice Christmas bonus for ya

  20. Just goes to show you that the base game can pay too!

  21. Only you Nick, Only you could have done that one!

  22. No jar, no problem 🙂

  23. Keep up the good work you filthy animal

  24. Wow. Good ole stawbs. Hope to catch u in the morning bud

  25. Great random win Nick!

  26. what a time to be alive

  27. nice one @NickSlots care you doing some Monopoly 2day is out every casino :p

  28. What fucking hit. Congratulations mate. Have a great Christmas with the family.

  29. Slice of toast with that Nick…… cant beat a bit of Strawberry Jam…. nice start to your day.

  30. OMG strewbarries Crazyyy!

  31. What a win

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