HUGE WIN on Razor Shark (€20 BET!)

HUGE WIN on Razor Shark (€20 BET!)

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Philip and his buddy playing some Razor Shark on €20 bet when Philip starts to lose his faith in the slot. «A little later» they’re in the free spins bonus! Philip still feels a bit skeptic as he’s played this volatile slot many times before and knows that the slot bonus are more likely to pay extremely low rather than dishing out a big win. It might not be easy to win on it, but it has a huge big win potential with it’s progressive multiplier which is displayed in the video! [ad_2]

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  1. Yes, it all looks very tempting

  2. Yeah they always win hige ammounts, absolute bulls**t. Your a fool if you believe these are legit

  3. Douche

  4. Good job bro.nice

  5. Yeah, seems legit…

  6. How much you profit

  7. Great win

  8. Lol nice phil

  9. You make me laugh philip thanks

  10. Hahahah

  11. How come on YouTube now adays there is people either doing 20p spins or 20 quid wtf has changed so much what happend to the 2 quid stakes 20 quid a spin mental

  12. Niceee

  13. NICE

  14. Real money ?

  15. This game is sooo dea-WOOOHOOOO!!!

  16. On zeee beach

  17. pog

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