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HUGE WIN on Temple of Treasure Megaways Slot — £4 Bet

HUGE WIN on Temple of Treasure Megaways Slot — £4 Bet

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  1. It's important to throw people off the scent with a few fail videos

  2. Wow your on a roll at the minute keep it up hope it continues for u an your family good start to the year xx

  3. Epic win really good too watch!

  4. Nice win mate congrats

  5. I love your videos but stop saying o my days…. your not black u no.

  6. Fab

  7. Amazing win 🙂 Congrats!

  8. Top man nick love the steams and love it even more coz your that nice of a bloke

  9. The Chair Slots method in all its glory

  10. What a b-e-a-utiful win man.

  11. I bought bonuses with 3000 euros,stake 2e and 4e,none of them even paid the buy in back.Lovely game

  12. How do u get so many massive wins m8 it's starting to feel very suspicious now

  13. Bonus hunt is such a wicked series. Great content Nick.

  14. I know it worked out for you on this occasion but you can't be playing this type of megaways slot and picking the lowest variance option in my opinion, presumably the whole point in playing the megaways slots are because of the humongous payouts that can happen and choosing the safest option on this version isn't going to pay you like Primal just did. Nice hit all the same m8.

  15. Very nice, big congrats nick.

  16. Nice profit for a Sunday m8

  17. Well in there nick.well done on your winnings for charity.iv got an idea for a new challenge.how about u and chipmonkz do a 24 hour stream together for charity.they did a 24 radio broadcast on bbc radio 1

  18. That's the bandit playing this on Sunday slots lol

  19. What the f##k dude! Really nice win congrats!

  20. Well done Nick another big win

  21. That's more like it, great stuff!

  22. I love it when u get a big win well done hun so pleased for u

  23. Unreal mate well played ❤️

  24. Fantastic hit

  25. Fukin brilliant pal x

  26. Sweet hit there nick! 🙂

  27. Very nice

  28. Hi nick nice win i watched this live and had ago myself later that night on a 40p stake and it dropped in 7 scatters. It offered 27 spins at 1x so i choose that after seeing this win off 19 spins and it ended up giving me just over 100x was such a let down

  29. 807.3x

  30. I need me some of this game! Well in!

  31. I like it 🙂

  32. First

  33. Nice hit! I won £1000 of £5 this weekend, waiting for it to process because it’s a weekend!

  34. Boom


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