HUGE WIN! TWO DOUBLE SYMBOLS! BIG ZEROS! Texas lottery scratch off tickets

HUGE WIN! TWO DOUBLE SYMBOLS!  BIG ZEROS!  Texas lottery scratch off tickets

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22 комментария

  1. Very Nice hit! Congratulations

  2. Nice win on the purple ticket! It was your helper!

  3. Love your channel

  4. Trying to get on your level but I like your style. Keep up the good work!

  5. Beautiful win on the last card

  6. We have that exact same “money” ticket in Ohio. I hate that ticket

  7. I would love to be one of your big shout outs of the day.

  8. Go out w_ a bang!

  9. Nice finally a big win on the purple people eater

  10. you didn't do the back of the big money ticket

  11. I have been thinking about this for awhile…. I play scratch off in Illinois.. I’ve never seen the number 55.. does the number 55 appear on scratch offs? Or does it resemble $$ that it’s not used? Do you know?

  12. I love the words "Big Zeros" especially when coming from AR.

  13. Love watching you. Hope April is better to you,TC,Dave's loto madness. Love y'all and good luck. Sending y'all some luck.That was good chase and keep it up.

  14. Awesome wins that $500 dollar ticket saved the day. Seems like you were really happy!!! Keep winning… Keep smiling a claimer is coming soon.

  15. Nice hit and recovery on the chase

  16. Great video, keep up the searching, I finally found the 10X in Jumbo Bucks(they do exist)

  17. Sweety !
    Nice win. With pasky # 1 &, nasty # 12.
    Yes! I hate them, but you won big with them anyway on the ticket . Thank you for the great entertainment

  18. Big shout out to a delicious and refreshing Diet Dew

  19. Awesome wins AR!

  20. I found the 300X on those tickets in Tennessee Sunday… I didn't think they existed… sweet win

  21. Awesome! Great 2nd round AR. You the man

  22. Beautiful!!!! Awesome win!

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