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Diamond Queen is an IGT classic and it’s unique in some ways as if you trigger the bonus, you are almost guaranteed a respectable win, if not a Big Win or Jackpot, depending on your bet level! You win in Diamond Queen by landing winning paylines although the real fun is with the bonus, not surprisingly!

The Free Games Bonus is triggered by landing bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 for 3 free games. Before spin 1 commences, reel 2 is transformed fully wild! During the bonus only, a new «Extra Spin» symbol is introduced on reel 1 and if it lands, the spin occurs again with reel 1 wild. If it does not land you move on to your second spin where reels 1 and 2 are both transformed wild and for spin 3, reels 2, 3 and 4 are all transformed wild! You can see how this can get interesting really quick, where pretty much any 5-of-a-kind win on your final spin will be huge and possibly even a Jackpot!

What a great first attempt on Diamond Queen and a special shout-out to Diana Evoni who inspired me to play this one. Diana has many Jackpots on Diamond Queen so if you REALLY want to see how it’s done, check out her Diamond Queen compilation video of so many awesome Jackpots: If you want to move on from Diamond Queen, check out my Epic Jackpot on Diamond Destiny, one of my best wins EVER:


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  1. It’s hard game to play

  2. This game is really boreing

  3. Hi Tim, So glad you played, you won and you conquered Diamond Queen. It is a very hard bonus to get. This was fun to watch. Congratulations Tim on a nice Win.

  4. Indeed Diana is the queen of this game and it’s good that you were able to get a big win as well on this! Great bonus win and session Tim you are on a great streak right now!

  5. That was awesome

  6. My fave is Dancing Drums .10 denom. Spins from $8.80 to $88. An awesome game. Try it, you’ll like it. Trust

  7. Hello, Tim you saw Diana here right?

  8. Yes thats her!!! maybe thats where i first saw you!!! there is another version blazing jackpots: wild huskies, but i cant find either of those……………………………. in the casinos i go to ……….for a couple of years now …she used to pay like a paycheck!!

  9. This slot was in and out of my local casino faster than you can blink. Played it once and had some exciting bonuses. Glad it's still an option for you.

  10. I do not like playing this game, but I sure love to watch Diana win on it 🙂 Great win and thanks for sharing Tim.

  11. Thanks for Diamond Queen!!. See if you can find Blazing Jackpots. Heavenly Empress. She is a hungry girl but pays well when she pays!!. I will check out Diana

  12. Good but tough game, sweet when the extra spin lands and on 1st and last reel.

  13. I love this game! I am so glad it came through for you. Yes, it is Diana's bestie, when it behaves and pays her! LOL

  14. Holy moleyy. I need to find this game. Any other games that are similar to this one?? Congrats on the big win bonus. Woot woot!

  15. Took a risk and it paid off! Fu Dao La is my game of choice.

  16. Congrats!! I love it when we beat the man. 🙂

  17. Tim, you can increase your winnings even more on this next video tomorrow!

  18. Hey Tim, terrific profit session on Diamond Queen slot machine!

  19. I loved that you gave it this game a try mr. BP. What a great win. And by the way I was starting to lose hope too lol. But I’m glad you made that great comeback

  20. DQ has taking more than giving when I've played 🙁 Awesum vid , thanks 4 sharing 🙂 Winner…Winner…Winner

  21. grats

  22. groovy

  23. So nice to see you play Diamond Queen! Love watching Diane play this too. Great win and always enjoy your videos. Thanks, Tim!

  24. I like this slot can only find it in 1 casino over in Indiana .I don’t go often but always play it when I do go.Its in high limit room but I’ve had fun on it.

  25. I’ve been hoping for this video since I found your channel!

  26. 20 time on 10 doll., or 99 time — to chase the bonus…nice win,,,

  27. Never lose faith, Tim! Lol

  28. You are right that DianaE is the Diamond Queen , but you're still in the running for Diamond King. Nice game, but the bonus was too long coming. I always liked this game. It would be great to see you and Diana play it together.

  29. Hi Tim. Another great video! Thanks!

  30. Awesome! Tim, what's the best way to send you a message?

  31. Pretty cool how you mention Diana a few times and the algorithm plugs her Diamond Queen hand pay for the next video. Nice hit Tim!

  32. Love this game it can be tough but the rewards are typically outstanding!

  33. Awesome session playing Diamond Queen I really like when you talk abt your self that was funny congrats

  34. Nice win! I hope to play that game one day!

  35. Awesome 90x on that $10 spin. I have only hit 1 Diamond Queen Bonus in my Slot life on a $1 denom, $20 spin. But it paid over 110x, so was very memorable.

  36. Hi Tim, this machine had you on a rope man. At first you managed to stay close to your startmoney but then you to a tumble to half your startmoney but the 3 free games worked like a charm. Pffff that was textbook recovery my friend. I didn't know this machine so that was a first view for me. Thanks for sharing.

  37. I love Mustang Money. Right behind that is stinkin rich

  38. Thanks for the shoutout Tim! I love my Diamond Queen bestie and I'm so happy she showed you the love. I hope to see more Diamond Queen videos from you. When times are better perhaps we can play this together in Vegas. Cheers!

  39. Awesome! I always love that suspenseful little slo-mo edit you put in right before a big win — it's a great touch!

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