I landed a HUGE WIN on mighty cash ! Slot hubby pushed my buttons !!

I landed a HUGE WIN on mighty cash ! Slot hubby pushed my buttons !!

[ad_1] Slot Queen gets an huge win on the new mighty cash ultra phoenix storm slot machine . Enjoy this live play battle for the big win. While we are all waiting to see how the las vegas reopening plan is working after the world wide covid 19 closure of casinos. Enjoy this live play and big win, its better than the las vegas news for sure! Hope you enjoy these live slot play at casino videos.

Welcome to my slot channel! I’m a mom that enjoys her getaways to the casinos playing the slots. I’ll post real life slot play that includes big wins and losses! I upload videos every day of the week and try to live stream from the casino once a week!


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I landed a HUGE WIN on mighty cash ! Slot hubby pushed my buttons !!

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  1. Now I have to play the mighty cash ultra phoenix storm, looks like so much fun.

  2. hi slot queen i like your new introduction and youve been having some really good $$$$$$$$pin$

  3. That's an ok Mighty Cash game. Great bonus too!

  4. When you were in Reno were the restaurant open

  5. This seems like a fun mighty cash hope to find it soon. Another big winning video so a definite RAM approved video receiving the coveted RAM stamp of approval.

  6. Yayyy Moolah Moolah

  7. Are you starting to like Mighty cash more? I remember a time when you didn’t like it all that well. I like the newer versions of mighty cash like this one. I did really well on the Ted mighty cash machine at the D last year. That was the last time being in a casino.

  8. That was a nice bonus! And a retrigger. Sweet!

  9. That was a great win you deserved it

  10. That was an awesome run on that game!!! Yayyyy

  11. I don't mean this in a bad way but I prefer it when you are just playing alone just my opinion

  12. Couldn't help but laugh when slot hubby raised your bet to 15.00 on that first game. You showed patience with him. I probably would have been furious. And then on the next game after that great bonus, he wanted to raise the bet again. Lol. You guys are great together.

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