I WON! HOW MUCH?! BIG WIN $20 $100 OR $200 Texas Lottery ✦ TC vs FTS MM3 #5

I WON! HOW MUCH?! BIG WIN $20 $100 OR $200 Texas Lottery ✦ TC vs FTS MM3 #5

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Scratching $20 200X Texas Lottery Scratch Off Tickets. Will I find a big win? Stay tuned.
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20 комментариев

  1. That's a great awesome win! 🙂

  2. Last row save…SWEET!

  3. Happy for you sweetie

  4. Awesome win, TC! Today, put in $20, won $65, including a big $50 win on Power Shot.

  5. Nice! $100 bucks! That's the way to get it rollin'…lol.

  6. not bad candy

  7. Another great video TC!!

  8. I like that ticket tc hope u have good luck

  9. Hi Candy Nice win have a great day

  10. Awesome win TC.

  11. Nice Candy this is your year for match Monday !

  12. Great win Candy! We're looking forward to your next one.

  13. YAY TC! Congratulations!!

  14. Nice win

  15. Love this ticket. Woohoo you won. Keep on Scratching. Good Luck Ahead

  16. Very good! I would imagine, though, the two of you will trade the lead several times before the year is over. Enjoy it for now!

  17. You got the lead Nice!!!

  18. This ticket is never good to me.

  19. awesome win TC and i hope you had fun at casino and won big bucks

  20. Congrats!!!!!

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