If Warframe was Made in 2001 by EA…

If Warframe was Made in 2001 by EA…

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This video could have not been possible without the support of my Friends in Ihan Rah and of course the fine folks over at DE.

(Title Music) Modneb — Flex

(Race Music) Righten — Dark Glade
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Also if this gets to DE somehow, please tell George Spanos Echoes of a Butterfly was an experience to say the least… And also thank you to everybody at DE for making Warframe and keeping it fair and balanced (as best you can at least). [ad_2]

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  1. 6:40 Ah, i see you are a man of culture as well!

  2. now I want a K-drive race in Orb Vallis 🙁

  3. No lootboxes/10, not enough pride and accomplishment

  4. Wow… just wow. I thought this was an official tease. Someone needs to show this to DE!

    I can't imagine how much editing went into this, man.

  5. Nice node to Excalibur primes unlock requirements

  6. This need to be one of the mini games on the computer nsole but it's missing the narley jumps every racing game in the 90s had narley jumps please add in more jumps

  7. It is so good !

  8. holy crap nice job

  9. looks like one of those ps1 games i used to play back in the 90s with taht UI….. lol

  10. More importantly, what's the Excalibur fashion?

  11. Sonic mania 2

  12. omg thats so good

  13. Loved the vid! UI editing on point! Racing portion felt a little long for the vid, but the content was 100% authentic. Character selection UI was absolutely gorgeous! Music felt authentic as well! I actually want this added to the game with very few deviations from what you envisioned. Amazing job, lobs!

  14. that random piano crab rave lol

  15. 6:45 crab rave btw lol

  16. This should be replace conclave….. bcoz no one plays it

  17. What was Nekros doing back there? Farming Mutagen Samples or building an army of small spiders? xD

  18. Inb4 DE turns it into actual game mode just like frame fighter

  19. Wow I like this they should make this a Separate game

  20. Send this to DE

  21. Mate…this is actually an amazing video!

  22. what a great vid!

  23. Such a well made and accurate video

  24. felt like a real racing game

  25. IF DE doesn't add dolphin slap… I am not going to be able to sleep at night

  26. nice

  27. Well-made!

  28. great idea! a bit long maybe

  29. This was disturbingly accurate and magnificently boring… in simpler terms: shit… but good shit… I guess

  30. Super Uber!

  31. this video is so underrated

  32. If you can make this like Kinetica with a bunch of Nezhas, I will love you forever.

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